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Sculpture is any three-dimensional form created as an artistic expression. Sculpting is the art of assembling or shaping an object. It may be of any size and of any suitable material. The artist who does this is called a sculptor.
Sculpture is among the oldest of the arts. Even before painting cave walls, early humans fashioned shapes from stone. From these beginnings, artifacts have evolved to their current complexity. The point at which they became art is for the beholder to decide. In any case, sculptures place among the greatest of human achievements.

free_pic_sculpture_28.jpg (217610 Byte) sculpture monument, pictures sculptures_free_pics_08.jpg (73998 Byte) sculpture monument, photo_sculpture_24.jpg (136961 Byte) sculpture monument, vienna sculpture_lion_98.jpg (119721 Byte) sculpture monument, lion
sculptures_picture_winterthur_30.jpg (199282 Byte) sculpture monument, elephant sculptures_lego_32.jpg (169480 Byte) sculpture monument, Lego sculpture_photo_01.jpg (183899 Byte) sculpture monument, monument_modern_people_19.jpg (123814 Byte) sculpture monument,
free_photo_monument_29.jpg (181869 Byte) sculpture monument, photo monument_picture_16.jpg (137635 Byte) sculpture monument, bild_skulptur_25.jpg (135136 Byte) sculpture monument, pic sculpture-aja2.jpg (106178 Byte) fisheye 16 mm
monument_pic_18.jpg (171909 Byte) sculpture monument, photo sculpture_picture_10.jpg (243668 Byte) sculpture monument, free_pics_monument_27.jpg (140412 Byte) sculpture monument, pic bild_monument_26.jpg (136222 Byte) sculpture monument, picture
sculpture_love_09.jpg (98088 Byte) sculpture monument, kiss, kids in love monument_arrow_photo_17.jpg (185329 Byte) sculpture monument, photography skulptur_foto_03.jpg (188693 Byte) sculpture monument, plastic cow monument_free_pic_21.jpg (229602 Byte) sculpture monument, pilatus
sculpture_two_people_54.jpg (211490 Byte) two people, sculpture monument, sculpture_dragon_33.jpg (212925 Byte) sculpture monument, dragon sculpture_horse_45.jpg (308512 Byte) sculpture monument, horse sculpture-lk8.jpg (208606 Byte) sculpture
sculptures_14.jpg (153973 Byte) sculpture monument, sculpture_13.jpg (144148 Byte) sculpture monument, strassenverkehrsamt zug picture_monument_22.jpg (112197 Byte) sculpture monument, sculpture_photo_gallery_06.jpg (125905 Byte) sculpture monument, main entrance Nestle, Cham
sculpture_picture_02.jpg (190362 Byte) sculpture monument, sculptures_pictures_04.jpg (81558 Byte) sculpturer_chain_87.jpg (106650 Byte) sculpture monument, chain sculpture_picture_gallery_12.jpg (169680 Byte) sculpture monument,
sculptures_arbach_31.jpg (129658 Byte) sculpture monument, sculpture_tom_jerry_20.jpg (142567 Byte) sculpture monument, Tom and Jerry sculptures_glas_34.jpg (115778 Byte) sculpture monument, glas sculptures_photos_05.jpg (114369 Byte) sculpture monument, green, blue, red
sculptures_rabbit_35.jpg (242505 Byte) sculpture monument, rabbit pinocchio.jpg (136179 Byte) pinocchio long nose small_liberty.jpg (132990 Byte) small statue liberty sculpture-bjl3.jpg (136599 Byte) sculpture picture
sculpture_face-shv.jpg (149329 Byte) sculpture, Scheveningen, Holland bea-sculpture.jpg (110384 Byte) Bea Erny sculpture sculpture-ring_photo.jpg (110421 Byte) sculpture modern sculpture-s3qy.jpg (206849 Byte) modern sculpture
sculpture-7he5.jpg (133761 Byte) skulptur sculpture-bahnhofstr.jpg (230924 Byte) Bahnhofstrasse, Zuerich, Switzerland skulptur_gartenzwerg_07.jpg (213675 Byte) sculpture monument, snowwhite relief-gztg.jpg (126629 Byte)
sculpture-c6h2.jpg (112805 Byte) birds photos sculpture-n83e.jpg (111570 Byte) sculpture-bz6r.jpg (154198 Byte) sculpture-nh7f.jpg (135702 Byte)
sculpture-h7j6.jpg (127807 Byte) chain-sculpture.jpg (213297 Byte) art sculpture-people.jpg (202820 Byte) sculpture-j8a.jpg (147161 Byte)
sculpture-y02w.jpg (140652 Byte) sculpture-13qt.jpg (157251 Byte) elephant sculpture-due3.jpg (133577 Byte) horse sculpture-am3.jpg (135296 Byte) sitting man
sculpture-mie3.jpg (144458 Byte) sculpture-horses-b7.jpg (290205 Byte) sculpture-modern-l2.jpg (306349 Byte) art lamppost.JPG (226500 Byte) Mark Handforth
sculpture-golf-3xi.jpg (139383 Byte) car sculpture-modern-u4w.jpg (152753 Byte) people sculpture-zt7x.jpg (126904 Byte) tree sculpture-people-f4q.jpg (114880 Byte) art
sculpture-gy3v.jpg (280945 Byte) park sculpture-fb6e.jpg (247376 Byte) modern art sport-wheel-chair.jpg (103667 Byte) sculpture-g2a.jpg (98634 Byte)
sculpture-4xi1.jpg (132451 Byte) sculpture-mj8a.jpg (119231 Byte) sculpture-xuw5.jpg (103078 Byte) hand-sculpture-6c.jpg (160095 Byte)
flossis-8u4.jpg (145244 Byte) rosalie, Duesseldorf ant-sculpture-8s.jpg (142898 Byte) sculpture-3o1a.jpg (195322 Byte) sculpture-wall-7si.jpg (99866 Byte)
football-player-7w.jpg (99268 Byte) sport sculpture-b65t.jpg (99983 Byte) white sculpture-bg24.jpg (116462 Byte) ring sculpture-v8i1.jpg (132935 Byte) blue
freddie-mercury.jpg (143674 Byte) Montreux Switzerland horse-6b3.jpg (128870 Byte) sculpture-zh31.jpg (118362 Byte) Montreux vladimir-nabukov.jpg (170992 Byte)
fish-sculpture-z4b.jpg (200566 Byte) sculpture-d2x.jpg (186239 Byte) sculpture-face-zc6.jpg (151988 Byte) sculpture-montreux.jpg (149722 Byte) music
anchor-boat-xg4f.jpg (143444 Byte) couple-8ve0.jpg (177183 Byte) Villach sculpture-6ql5.jpg (133531 Byte) sculpture-392h.jpg (115671 Byte) Ascona
business-man-r2o.jpg (107609 Byte) music-sculpture-f1o.jpg (133130 Byte) angel flute sculpture-cvx6.jpg (206009 Byte) pipes sculpture-wood-6a0.jpg (147420 Byte)


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