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Winter Pictures


Mother Nature casts a sparkling spell, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland. Icicles stretch their icy claws in contrast to the softness of snow-covered fields. Jack Frost fills branches with fairy-like feathers and transforms spiders' webs into fabulous filigree.
> A time of enchantment, a time for snow-fun and frolics. Children's laughter fills the air as snowmen grow and snowball battles abound. Skiers snake down slopes, trekkers strap on snowshoes and tobogganers take their tumbles. Don't forget - winter is also a time to keep an eye out for those special shots before they melt away forever.

One of the most amazing and memorable sights to be seen and photographed in the winter is the so called “Northern Lights”, the aurora borealis. You have to be quite far north to have a chance of seeing them – northern Norway or Sweden offer tailor made holidays in Lapland giving opportunities to see this magical phenomenon, although sightings cannot be guaranteed. The best time of year to go is December to March, especially around the period either side of the new moon. The aurorae occur because of the collision high in the atmosphere of charged particles from solar explosions and flares, with atoms.
The lights are affected by the earth’s magnetic field, which leads the particles to a circle around the Pole. At times of geomagnetic storms the Northern Lights may be visible further south, but generally you need to be between latitudes 3° and 6°. You can photograph the Northern Lights very satisfactorily with a modern SLR digital camera and a tripod. There is a parallel southern version, called “aurora australis”, visible from high latitudes in Antarctica, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

frozen-lake-winter.jpg (119297 Byte) winter cars-snow-photo.jpg (179714 Byte) winter icicle-picture.jpg (171307 Byte) winter tree-winter-village.jpg (162646 Byte) winter tree picture
photo-road_winter.jpg (209334 Byte) winter photo_winter-96f.jpg (128033 Byte) winter branch-snow_winter.jpg (105118 Byte) winter frost-pattern.jpg (279510 Byte) winter
ski_snow-winter.jpg (198919 Byte) winter sign_post-snow.jpg (149560 Byte) winter road_winter-photo-7u.jpg (236143 Byte) winter snow_winter_photo.jpg (125894 Byte) winter
ice_winter-photo.jpg (157688 Byte) winter snow_road-winter.jpg (236444 Byte) winter winter_river-photo.jpg (207044 Byte) winter trees_winter-photo.jpg (287630 Byte) winter
icicle-winter.jpg (148904 Byte) winter leaf_ice-pic.jpg (70231 Byte) winter ice-branch_winter.jpg (101414 Byte) hoar_photo.jpg (117576 Byte) winter
snow-winter-gras.jpg (141016 Byte) winter winter-children.jpg (175096 Byte) winter winter-fog_trees.jpg (83774 Byte) winter tree_snow-winter.jpg (106498 Byte) winter
winter-forest-jh7.jpg (278087 Byte) winter ice-lake_winter.jpg (118434 Byte) frozen lake winter winter-road.jpg (160305 Byte) winter winter_trees-8.jpg (207203 Byte) winter
winter-snow-people.jpg (234629 Byte) winter winter-road-lk5.jpg (294173 Byte) winter winter-picture_forest-l8.jpg (265323 Byte) winter winter-snow_m7f.jpg (94509 Byte) winter
winter-forest_photo.jpg (214320 Byte) winter white_frost-leaf.jpg (102137 Byte) winter winter-leafs.jpg (254769 Byte) winter winter-frost_branch.jpg (115680 Byte) winter
winter-sun_photo.jpg (96979 Byte) winter winter-snow-road-9k8.jpg (194398 Byte) winter winter-road-9d.jpg (79662 Byte) winter winter-sledge-picture.jpg (161768 Byte) winter
winter-trees_m6s.jpg (136063 Byte) winter winter-trees-45.jpg (289111 Byte) winter winter-waldrand.jpg (229179 Byte) winter flower-ice_winter.jpg (157355 Byte) winter ice flower
winter-tree_3.jpg (136733 Byte) winter winter-sculpture.jpg (124183 Byte) winter winter_forest-ke.jpg (301206 Byte) winter picture winter_snow-grass.jpg (83283 Byte) snow gras
winter-car-lock.jpg (140983 Byte) winter winter_ice-car.jpg (182198 Byte) winter ice winter_icicle-j1.jpg (210083 Byte) winter ice reeds-winter-lake.jpg (204209 Byte) lake shore winter
snow-winter-kb.jpg (146634 Byte) winter bush leaf-winter-nj73.jpg (158386 Byte) pic winter winter-picture-lq.jpg (129523 Byte) winter landscape winter_snow-9y.jpg (102316 Byte) winter snow photo image
winter_snow-sun.jpg (86354 Byte) winter picture winter-fence-l8u.jpg (99088 Byte) images winter frost-2a6g.jpg (113170 Byte) winter picture snow-winter-n4s.jpg (119524 Byte) winter picture
branch-frost-3kn6.jpg (107992 Byte) photo winter tyre_snow.jpg (220515 Byte) snow ice-stones-v93j.jpg (170311 Byte) snow-foot-j7gr.jpg (172830 Byte) spuren im schnee
winter-7j7d.jpg (141651 Byte) landscape winter winter-people-j8hq.jpg (253488 Byte) snow picture tree-branch-5h2.jpg (144481 Byte) snow tree grass-snow-m67d.jpg (196603 Byte) winter picture
snow-cp41.jpg (185431 Byte) picture snow schnee bild snow-leaves-ncg6.jpg (120582 Byte) frost-leaf-nlj7.jpg (139662 Byte) winter photo leaves-frost-8j5.jpg (181481 Byte) winter image
creek-winter-nj7t.jpg (126893 Byte) picture winter snowman-9l6t.jpg (171216 Byte) schneemann winter-cxv2.jpg (311958 Byte) road winter winter-snow-9z72.jpg (113163 Byte) snow pic
winter-8mje.jpg (212891 Byte) winter ski langlauf winter-forest-kh8q.jpg (241609 Byte) trees picture winter-trees-4we.jpg (238371 Byte) forest photo winter-lamp-g7zh.jpg (93058 Byte)
ice-lake-74rt.jpg (126403 Byte) picture winter lake ice ice-lake-c93e.jpg (162593 Byte) ice lake winter picture lake-ice-7is3.jpg (164463 Byte) picture ice ice-8eub6.jpg (203029 Byte) ice picture
snow-5u2w.jpg (166552 Byte) picture snow snow-8l5e.jpg (129094 Byte) picture snow snow-9o4e.jpg (172269 Byte) picture snow snow-u4r7.jpg (181189 Byte) picture snow
snow-u95w.jpg (118462 Byte) picture snow icicle-19id.jpg (153223 Byte) picture ice icicle-a19w.jpg (144057 Byte) picture ice icicle-k805.jpg (147766 Byte) picture ice
ice-g73w.jpg (163403 Byte) picture ice ice-stones-2il4.jpg (144093 Byte) photos stones ice-f5a1.jpg (132938 Byte) pictures ice ice-s5il5.jpg (165099 Byte) ice lake pic
bicycle-snow-x6k8.jpg (167140 Byte) snow bike picture motorbike-g74w.jpg (163421 Byte) snow bike photo winter-snow-47u8.jpg (176575 Byte) image winter ice-lake-6w7u.jpg (143961 Byte) picture ice
river-winter-3i8.jpg (161159 Byte) snow picture winter-cjn9.jpg (112878 Byte) photo winter  winter-river-j21.jpg (174706 Byte) River Sihl winter-river-3e5a.jpg (143514 Byte) picture river
winter-bt2k.jpg (174014 Byte) snow houses snow-9ioa.jpg (150422 Byte) street winter winter-forest-n73.jpg (190538 Byte) snow winter-trees-f6r.jpg (121368 Byte) landscape
ice-winter-h8i.jpg (195273 Byte) ice-winter-q9.jpg (204161 Byte) ice-winter-y7k.jpg (168970 Byte)   river-ice-2n8.jpg (175455 Byte)
river-winter-j3r.jpg (162927 Byte) Sihl water-ice-d6h.jpg (191650 Byte) River Sihl  winter-y0l1.jpg (228621 Byte) cold frost winter-water-i3.jpg (166931 Byte) River Sihl
tree-snow-xo4.jpg (175661 Byte) cold trees-winter-g72.jpg (298775 Byte) snow tree-winter-cs9.jpg (121218 Byte) winter-road-v72.jpg (195002 Byte) street traffic
winter-lake-b7k.jpg (117425 Byte) water snow-h2a1.jpg (87730 Byte) snow-mirror-i37.jpg (91125 Byte) winter-fence-t4q.JPG (94124 Byte)
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