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A forest is an area with a high density of trees. Forests can be found in all regions capable of sustaining tree growth, at altitudes up to the tree-line, except where rainfall is too low, or natural fire frequency too high. Forests are essential to life on earth. They generate oxygen, store carbon, play host to a vast variety of wildlife and provide us with raw materials.
> In addition they offer us beautiful havens of rest & recreation. Each season casts its own special spell from the freshness of spring to the fullness of summer from autumn's kaleidoscope of colours and full circle to winter's frosty fingers. 

The nature of the forest’s surroundings presents special problems to the photographer. Below are some ways to cope with its demands:
Use a tripod: light levels are likely to be lower in a forest, so a steady tripod and automatic shutter release are good investments.
As with all photography, use your eyes effectively in framing the composition. Forests can look a muddle in photos, but if you take a few steps in one direction or another, you may find things become clearer. You need to identify a focal point for your picture. If nothing stands out, you could consider putting a person into the landscape; this will also have the useful effect of showing the scale of tree trunks and distances. But the focal point should not just be random – it should be a point of interest that you want to draw attention to.
Using a telephoto lens will give the illusion that the trees are closer together than they are. Depth of field is crucial in any nature photography: a wide aperture gives a shallow depth of field, and a small aperture means lots of depth to the focus. Once you know this you can make the main subject stand out from its background, and have the background nice and soft, or choose to show the subject in its context by keeping the background in focus too.

trees_roots-kd.jpg (312969 Byte) forest forest-01.jpg (244760 Byte) forest autumn-tree.jpg (254571 Byte) forest forest-4kd2.jpg (135499 Byte) road forest
forest_photo-j9s.jpg (277726 Byte) forest forest_picture-boulder.jpg (200615 Byte) forest green-trees.jpg (329212 Byte) forest forest-hk37.jpg (144685 Byte) forest wald bach bild
picture-forest.jpg (297192 Byte) forest forest-trees-l7.jpg (394580 Byte) forest photo-forest.jpg (279394 Byte) forest forest-dk06.jpg (138272 Byte) trees fall herbst
street_forest.jpg (253210 Byte) forest forest-street.jpg (265063 Byte) forest autumn_tree-lj6.jpg (271433 Byte) forest autumn-forest-l8.jpg (184278 Byte) forest
forest-photo.jpg (205073 Byte) forest forest-jg5.jpg (235442 Byte) forest pic_forest.jpg (202450 Byte) forest tree-trunk-852.jpg (205240 Byte) forest
forest-39zi.jpg (147197 Byte) forest wald bild forest-94z2.jpg (141897 Byte) forest herbst wald forest-hk26.jpg (127968 Byte) trees autumn herbst forest-5tz1.jpg (314103 Byte) forest trees picture
forest-673e.jpg (346746 Byte) forest wald forest-i8zt.jpg (255834 Byte) wood wald forest-tree-aq9c.jpg (326203 Byte) tree branch ast baum forest-hk44.jpg (164747 Byte) forest wald boden
forest-lk5.jpg (368551 Byte) tree picture forest-i95t.jpg (390292 Byte) tree baum path-forest-kvt7.jpg (259127 Byte) path forest wald forest-path-qh.jpg (355292 Byte) forest wald
forest-kh36.jpg (151078 Byte) forest pic forest-trees-4sp.jpg (358894 Byte) trees baum leafes-nfj7.jpg (292500 Byte) leaves blaetter waldboden forest-sky-9o2g.jpg (290885 Byte) forest picture
forest-6oda3.jpg (150294 Byte) image forest forest-h73w.jpg (171207 Byte) picture forest forest-xa7w.jpg (195301 Byte) forest-rock-face.jpg (261176 Byte) fall
forest-winter-m7a.jpg (166613 Byte) forest-winter-u4w.jpg (166956 Byte) snow winter-forest-i3e.jpg (176845 Byte) trees winter-forest-vi2.jpg (193825 Byte) snow
forest-0lo3.jpg (318300 Byte) tree-1ei9.jpg (291242 Byte) tree-v7u2.jpg (263873 Byte) forest-vg0w.jpg (271640 Byte)
forest-fire-27.jpg (181068 Byte) forest-fire-33.jpg (207186 Byte) forest-fire-03.jpg (142166 Byte) forest-fire-06.jpg (174997 Byte)
forest-6y7q.jpg (230869 Byte) forest-miw8.jpg (217364 Byte) deep-forest-8b3.jpg (225787 Byte) fern-8w7u.jpg (249213 Byte)
forest-cio1.jpg (219398 Byte) river-forest-j2h.jpg (204984 Byte) trees-jh9j.jpg (258119 Byte) tree-trunk-u2t.jpg (197777 Byte)
forest-nature-7q.jpg (133820 Byte) leaves-7j1q.jpg (140132 Byte) leaves-hb3h.jpg (104011 Byte) leaves-n7m1.jpg (127701 Byte)
path-4w9m.jpg (184673 Byte) plants-j7r4.jpg (210306 Byte) forest-h51i.jpg (175729 Byte) tree-72o5.jpg (201744 Byte)
trees-i23q.jpg (217344 Byte) trees-iqu4.jpg (229967 Byte) forest-mcb3.jpg (189152 Byte) trees-lki5.jpg (185349 Byte)
forest-mnk2.jpg (202629 Byte) tree-y93n.jpg (226087 Byte) water-forest-u3n.jpg (192228 Byte) wood-r6w0.jpg (244174 Byte)
forest-fire-01.jpg (146530 Byte) forest-ub31.jpg (275038 Byte) forest-zt38.jpg (245780 Byte) snow-tree-2ay.jpg (133806 Byte)
forest-b6w6.jpg (235999 Byte) forest-g43u.jpg (226701 Byte) forest-v82k.jpg (222503 Byte) snow-water-u2l.jpg (127557 Byte)
forest-clearing-t5w.jpg (178701 Byte) forest-sun-h2w.jpg (227482 Byte) forest-v9mq.jpg (231591 Byte) forest-zb33.jpg (223203 Byte)
forest-t1ia.jpg (230085 Byte) forest-zy03.jpg (208471 Byte) tree-forest-2co.jpg (268361 Byte) winter-forest-7n1.jpg (245600 Byte)
forest-1ma9.jpg (210313 Byte) forest-zq0y.jpg (223901 Byte) forest-zv29.jpg (251814 Byte) tree-snow-wq7.jpg (122228 Byte)
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