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Animals never cease to fascinate us. From the graceful giraffe in the grasslands of Africa to the simple snail in our back garden. From the power and pace of the cheetah to the tired tread of the tortoise. From the cheek of the chimpanzee to the pride of the peacock. The world of all creatures great and small holds us human animals in its thrall. Many photographers are bitten by the wildlife-photography bug but it can be one of the most challenging forms of photography. Not only are sound technical skills required to capture well-lit, sharp and perfectly composed images, but a fair amount of field craft and a good knowledge of the behaviour of the animal being stalked are also essential. While wildlife photography can be practiced using basic equipment, eventually the keen wildlife photographer will add a variety of equipment to his arsenal. Depending on the specific type of wildlife, this will range from macro lenses for insects to long focal-length lenses for birds and elusive animals, and special underwater cameras and lenses for marine life. A further very important aspect is to be in the right place at the right time, something that is much less a matter of luck and far more a question of research, experience and a considerable portion of patience.

A lot of people ask me how they can also take great wildlife pictures like this. It's a good question. I always recommend starters to run start out with a digiscoping setup and watching a bunch of YouTube videos on this topic. Training makes mastery, my friend.

bantang_free_photo_gallery_animals_5.jpg (196901 Byte) bantang, pictures free download, fotos gepard_photo_animal.jpg (215537 Byte) cheetah gepard rhino.jpg (226450 Byte) rhino rhinoceros, free picture rhinoceros_animals_pic.jpg (216401 Byte) rhinoceros, nashorn, rhinozeros
elephant_animal_photo.jpg (218844 Byte) elephant, elefant elephant-y83h.jpg (144130 Byte) camel_animal_photo_3.jpg (252395 Byte) camel, kamel gnu.jpg (206198 Byte) Gnu, wildebeest, animals, free pics
alpaca_animal_photo_2.jpg (242322 Byte) alpaca, free pictures, tiere, fotos ape_animals_pictures.jpg (165776 Byte) ape, photo, bild affe chimpanzee.jpg (115906 Byte) chimpanzee, ape, schimpanse orangs-ape.JPG (225622 Byte) orang utan ape
ape_rhesusaffe_animal.jpg (134289 Byte) ape, rhesusaffe chicken-4rk2.jpg (212252 Byte) image rooster-h6yl.jpg (126266 Byte) insect-0eqh.jpg (94585 Byte)
giraffe_2.jpg (146478 Byte) giraffe fre pictures giraffe-i2t.jpg (163527 Byte) giraffe_1.jpg (115799 Byte) giraffe, animal free phots hippopotamus.jpg (273313 Byte) hippopotamus photo
american_bison_free_picture_animal.jpg (138621 Byte) bison, bueffel, fotos wallaby_animals_free_picture.jpg (179239 Byte) wallaby, kangoroo bull_animals_pic.jpg (124054 Byte) bull, photo, stier watussi.jpg (110712 Byte) watussi, animal, safari park
tiger_2.jpg (200726 Byte) tiger, free picture tiger_1.jpg (151322 Byte) tiger eating, free pis tiger-5yo1.jpg (169943 Byte) lion.jpg (323648 Byte) lion free photo
lion_2.jpg (276271 Byte) eating lion, free pics lion-3yu1.jpg (172179 Byte) photos zoo leopard-g1v8.jpg (142987 Byte) zoo pictures leopard-k52f.jpg (150345 Byte)
monkeys-2q8.jpg (143865 Byte) pics bear-5q4i.jpg (197909 Byte) animals pictures ram-animal-i4t.jpg (227724 Byte) dog-7j6.jpg (156560 Byte)
crocodile_free_pics_www_bigfoto_com.jpg (188129 Byte) crocodile, krokodil, foto crocodile-florida.jpg (212614 Byte) stag_deer_hirsch_photo.jpg (227616 Byte) deer, stag, hirsch, picture, photo giant_tortoise_photos_animals.jpg (150209 Byte) tortoise, schildkröte, schildkroete
tigers-8m6e.jpg (157755 Byte) tiger picture monkey-2wrh.jpg (104652 Byte) picture monkey dragonfly-rhc4.jpg (106226 Byte) dragonfly-ndr5.jpg (106148 Byte) dragon fly
goat_animal_photo.jpg (191328 Byte) goat, ziege kangaroo-mother_baby.JPG (237074 Byte) kangaroos harbour_seal_photo_animal.jpg (120885 Byte) harbour seal, seeloewe dog_tennis_ball_pics.jpg (226273 Byte) dog, tennis ball, hund, chien, foto
two-horses.jpg (133812 Byte) horses pictures horses-hfc.jpg (116611 Byte) horses horse_picture_pferd.jpg (258253 Byte) horse, pferd, animal, picture cow_picture_animal.jpg (244885 Byte) cow, free photos, animals, kuh
arabian_oryx_animal_gallery.jpg (101504 Byte) arabian oryx, bilder, tiere frog_animals_foto.jpg (79959 Byte) frog, frosch duck_photo_animals.jpg (155352 Byte) duck, animal, bird, vogel, ente pandas.JPG (222450 Byte) panda
sea_gull_photo_animal_3.jpg (162728 Byte) sea gull picture bird möve cock_photos_animals.jpg (247559 Byte) cock, hahn white_spoonbill_bird_picture_4.jpg (185675 Byte) bird, vogel crocodile-j7y.jpg (150666 Byte)
tortoise-ei3q.jpg (185280 Byte) image turtle-b3a.jpg (116733 Byte) picture animal bumblebee-f92w.jpg (84321 Byte) bumble bee picture crocodile-o2i.jpg (164968 Byte)
killer-whale-i3r.jpg (204732 Byte) killer-whale.JPG (204695 Byte) killer whale flying-fox-7h3.jpg (138947 Byte) penguin-2yi2.jpg (135549 Byte) photo
horses-6qo.jpg (243590 Byte) zebras-i3c.jpg (201698 Byte) lizard-8z3.jpg (165139 Byte) snake-3n8r.jpg (199068 Byte)
parrot.jpg (137974 Byte) parrot papagei papiga picture parrot-f01.jpg (121250 Byte) bird_animals_free_pic.jpg (155649 Byte) bird, photo, vogel, bild stork_animals_photo.jpg (104787 Byte) stork, photo, animal, foto, tiere, storch
great_grey_owl_bird_8.jpg (92634 Byte)owl, eule owl-5s2l.jpg (144991 Byte) sea-gull-4.jpg (123189 Byte) sea gull photo picture animal bird stork-82i0.jpg (150737 Byte) bird picture
peacock_animals_photos.jpg (182881 Byte) peacock, pfau flamingo_animals_photo.jpg (189235 Byte) flamingo, bird, pic flamingo-6xg2.jpg (125918 Byte) bird-i4rt.jpg (146934 Byte) photo bird
animal-b6z2.jpg (178099 Byte) ape-n74t.jpg (165634 Byte) bird-9g3q.jpg (137633 Byte) birds-9w20.jpg (220596 Byte) picture
swallow-9t4.jpg (139280 Byte) bird feeding swallow-nest-9t.jpg (145184 Byte) young birds chicken-0wt2.jpg (160460 Byte) rooster-j7t5.jpg (150128 Byte)
swan_animal_picture_x4.jpg (109390 Byte) swan, schwan two_swans.jpg (224247 Byte) swan lake jackdaw.jpg (83405 Byte) bird picturre animals-8w7n.jpg (147686 Byte)
pinguin_animals_bild.jpg (87854 Byte) penguin, pinguin, free photos dolphin_pic_free_delfin.jpg (174348 Byte) dolfin delfin delphin foto photo sea_lion.jpg (146445 Byte) sea lion picture hummingbird-76w.jpg (77483 Byte)
dog-93ws.jpg (117079 Byte) dog butterfly-2.jpg (112291 Byte) butterfly snail_animals_photos.jpg (182831 Byte) snail, schnecke jelly-fish-8ieq.jpg (123453 Byte) jelly fish picture qualle bild
cat-car-i95r.jpg (110864 Byte) picture cat cat-68i7.jpg (155275 Byte) photo cat ducks-u45w.jpg (125038 Byte) picture duck spider_net.jpg (120313 Byte) spider net, free pic
insect-picture-9kz.jpg (114593 Byte) picture insect insect-ld2.jpg (130902 Byte) insect picture pigeon-4m6a.jpg (98151 Byte) pigeons-d41l.jpg (112650 Byte)
insect-37ln.jpg (118229 Byte) wasp wespe foto bild insect-95jf.jpg (115804 Byte) wasp photo spider-e34s.jpg (117866 Byte) spider picture spinne foto bild ant_picture_free.jpg (66842 Byte) ant, ameise,
dragonfly-3v8.jpg (92837 Byte) dragonfly-ch2.jpg (88098 Byte) insect-o2x.jpg (107349 Byte) insect-1k3.jpg (141092 Byte)
fish-c9w.jpg (146819 Byte) Fish Lake Mead, USA fish-2k4.jpg (154059 Byte) fish-9i2.jpg (137031 Byte) goosse-o40a.jpg (212330 Byte)
butterfly-6e1z.jpg (167633 Byte) butterfly-5ls2.jpg (167845 Byte) butterfly-m8iq.jpg (138986 Byte) butterfly-n8r1.jpg (136289 Byte)
donkey-flowers-g5w.JPG (282903 Byte) goats-j7n3.jpg (181468 Byte) grasshopper-y4x.jpg (190996 Byte) insect-i2y8.jpg (132880 Byte) water
marmot-t5x8.jpg (237386 Byte) alps animal snail-c8j2.jpg (91729 Byte) spider-di2c.jpg (92213 Byte) sheep-s7e1.jpg (135532 Byte) animals
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