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Sport is a major area of human interest and activity. A large part of our leisure, newspaper and TV time is given over to it. A pragmatic approach to defining "sport" is to look at the common usage of the term.  A sport can be operationally defined as an activity characteristically involving :
The exercise of a useful physical skill recreationally, i.e. for a purpose other than its practical application in daily life.
> Conforming to a set of rules for the activity while aiming to attain excellence.
The excellence referred to above may be measured against previous benchmarks, time measurements, performance of the other team or participants, world records, etc..

More than most types of photography, sports photography requires the right equipment:
Lens: aim to get the longest lens you can afford, say a 300mm or 400mm lens with a built in tripod mount. Choose a lens with an f stop of f/2.8 or f/4.

Then you have to use the equipment effectively:
Shutter speed: to freeze action you need a high shutter speed (ISO). Professionals use 1/1000th of a second, although expensive modern cameras will go up to 3200 ISO.
If you are a beginner you could let the camera decide the best setting by using Auto ISO, or if you wish to experiment, start with 1600 ISO.
For a picture with a player in sharp focus against a blurry background, use 1/100th of a second or 1/80th of a second.
Do not use a flash without checking first that it is allowed. Many sports authorities ban the use of flash because it can distract the players.
Shoot in jpeg format in the camera. This compresses your images and will allow you to edit and file them easily.

Lastly, to make good sports pictures, follow some of these ideas:
Know your sport: This will help you compose the shot well. You will understand the angles and positioning of the participants and will have a better idea of when to release the shutter.
Try to tell a story: Brilliant though action shots can be, a sense of the story behind the pictures will add interest. Consider photographing sports lifestyles, close-up portraits of competitors, their equipment, crowd reactions and the setting of the event.
Do something different: While studying other people’s sports photos in magazines is a valuable exercise, in the end something original will be more striking. Consider unusual angles, experiment with camera settings, or work on the photographs with some of the commercially available software for improving digital photographs.

01i_baseball.jpg (349934 Byte) sport baseball biking_tour-de-suisse_1.jpg (168391 Byte) tour de suisse biking_tour-de-suisse_2.jpg (192914 Byte) tour de suisse bicycle-race-b8u.jpg (149992 Byte)
bicycle-o3z.jpg (114013 Byte) racing bicycle-racing-k8.jpg (102039 Byte) sport road bike-racing-12.jpg (137081 Byte) sport cycling-e3.jpg (118366 Byte)
finish-ziel.jpg (171173 Byte) finish photo bicycles_triathlon.jpg (229207 Byte) bike-sport_photo.jpg (129879 Byte) bike sport triathlon runner_photo.jpg (105757 Byte) running rennen
marathon-51.jpg (119131 Byte) marathon-52.jpg (97338 Byte) runner marathon-53.jpg (129482 Byte) running marathon-54.jpg (111519 Byte)
marathon-55.jpg (110317 Byte) marathon-56.jpg (123474 Byte) running marathon-57.jpg (164516 Byte) marathon-58.jpg (129581 Byte)
golf-green-9a4.jpg (132638 Byte) sport golf-players-4rq.jpg (120434 Byte) golf people player golf-clubs-pk8.jpg (104857 Byte) golf sport golf-8h3w.jpg (245399 Byte) player golf
parachute_02.jpg (112784 Byte) gleitschirm photo parachute_01.jpg (124237 Byte) paraglider gleitschirm horse_jumping.jpg (131706 Byte) horse sport volley-ball-1.jpg (265469 Byte) volleyball
rollerblades_1.jpg (203912 Byte) rollerblade sport rollerblades_2.jpg (183471 Byte) racing rollerblades inline-skating-31.jpg (158402 Byte) inline-skating-32.jpg (196956 Byte) skater
inline-skating-33.jpg (167215 Byte) inline-skating-34.jpg (166439 Byte) inline-skating-35.jpg (113925 Byte) inline-skating-36.jpg (96144 Byte)
inline-skating-37.jpg (115818 Byte) inline-skating-38.jpg (160399 Byte) multiple exposure triathlon-swimming.jpg (150071 Byte) triathlon sport rollhockey.jpg (126675 Byte) sport street hockey
street-hockey-21.jpg (128944 Byte) street-hockey-22.jpg (139553 Byte) streethockey goal street-hockey-23.jpg (171078 Byte) street-hockey-24.jpg (141796 Byte) streethockey
sport-schwingen-1.jpg (148641 Byte) schwingen sport sport-schwingen-2.jpg (154457 Byte) skiing-winter-7u3.jpg (139316 Byte) ski winter skifahrer tennis-9dke.jpg (100769 Byte) tennis tournament turnier
beach-volleyball-15.jpg (132983 Byte) sport beach-volleyball-18.jpg (123845 Byte) beach-volleyball-20.jpg (164752 Byte) men beach-volleyball-23.jpg (92086 Byte) umpire
beach-volleyball-27.jpg (162113 Byte) men sport beach-volleyball-29.jpg (151719 Byte) ball sport men-volleyball.jpg (131822 Byte) volleyball-men.jpg (117564 Byte)
surfing-03.jpg (75081 Byte) wind surfing surfing-01.jpg (84548 Byte) wind surfing sport surfing-02.jpg (77786 Byte) wind surfing windsurf.jpg (126000 Byte)
windsurfing.jpg (167643 Byte) wind surfer winddragon.jpg (86610 Byte) wind kite winddrachen.jpg (130800 Byte) wind kite sailing-1hzg.jpg (113355 Byte)
motocross-01.jpg (98658 Byte) ride a motorbike motocross-02.jpg (142649 Byte) sport motocross-03.jpg (194735 Byte) motor sport motocross-04.jpg (99204 Byte)
motocross-05.jpg (127507 Byte) motorsport motocross-06.jpg (123230 Byte) motorcycle motocross-07.jpg (89554 Byte) motorbike motocross-08.jpg (81764 Byte) jump motorbike
boardstock-01kf.jpg (101600 Byte) people sport mensch aktiv boardstock-02kg.jpg (105098 Byte) people action mensch aktiv boardstock-03lf.jpg (122245 Byte) action bike jump lake see boardstock-04lb.jpg (125721 Byte) bike fahrrad see
boardstock-05lx.jpg (109548 Byte) biker action boardstock-06le.jpg (105158 Byte) jump lake boardstock-07ca.jpg (101890 Byte) lake jump splash golf-v6j3.jpg (152977 Byte) golf court picture
pedalo-gb2l.jpg (132099 Byte) people lake jump-elb7.jpg (115487 Byte) summer lake people kids football-6d4f.jpg (153438 Byte) football-y92w.jpg (132350 Byte)
football-8im1.jpg (106827 Byte) ball sport football-k9i1.jpg (147827 Byte) ball soccer-i5q.jpg (105111 Byte) men sport soccer-l0ok.jpg (133911 Byte) fight ball
soccer-women-7s3.jpg (119153 Byte) stadion-9ao2.jpg (143523 Byte) football_soccer.jpg (223069 Byte) soccer fussball basketball.jpg (218464 Byte) sport people
ball-o6t.jpg (255521 Byte) soccer climbing-o3r.jpg (174106 Byte) windsurfing-6wl.jpg (136751 Byte) bicycles-7z1.jpg (181586 Byte)
training-football-3q9.jpg (134016 Byte) ski-jump-t2w.jpg (103187 Byte) sport picture ski-jump-z2n.jpg (153736 Byte) ski-jump-0s5.jpg (171958 Byte)


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