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Food is any substance normally eaten or drunk by living organisms. The term food also includes liquid drinks. Food is the main source of energy and of nutrition for animals, and is usually of animal or plant origin.
Humans are omnivorous animals that can consume both plant and animal products. We changed from gatherers to hunter gatherers. After the experience of the ice age it is probable that humans wanted to create some feeling of security by controlling what plants were growing and which animals were available.
> This led to agriculture, which has continually improved and altered the way in which food is obtained.
A selection of different complementary foods eaten together comprises a meal. People often choose to eat meals together with other family members or friends and this is seen as an important social occasion. Food eaten in smaller quantities between meals is regarded as snack food.

The number of meals in a day, their size, composition, when and how they are prepared and eaten vary greatly around the world. This is greatly dependent on the local climate, ecology, economy, cultural traditions and industrialisation.

Remember that no one has to eat the food you are photographing, so it’s OK to mess around with it, as the professionals do. If gravity is preventing the arrangement you want from staying in place, there’s nothing wrong with applying a little glue in the appropriate spot.
If you are photographing a roast chicken or Thanksgiving turkey, do not just cook it as you would to eat it – it will look awful. First stuff the bird with wet kitchen paper: that will create steam and make the carcase look plumper. Only roast the fowl until the skin looks right, and don’t worry that most of it is still raw. Now give it a fake spray tan of brown food colouring mixed with a little oil, and you are ready to compose your shot.

For the dessert, ice cream won’t last long under lights, and professional photographers used to fake it with mashed potato; now you can buy frosting and mix it with powdered sugar until it looks to be the consistency of ice cream (but really it is more like play-dough). Then you can take as long as you like composing the perfect picture of that delicious dessert.

plate-soup-m5.jpg (76548 Byte) soup plate soup-m8e.jpg (85821 Byte) soup suppe teller plate-pasta-5c.jpg (119615 Byte) food picture salt-pepper.jpg (130016 Byte) salt cellar, saltshaker pepper
table_plates-photo.jpg (89563 Byte) table fork knife cake-0u9a.jpg (108959 Byte) cake kuchen plate-dessert-hg6.jpg (110583 Byte) sweet photo pop-corn-0s.jpg (187152 Byte) pop corn
scampi-potato-7vd.jpg (97525 Byte) food scampi plate salad-ld8.jpg (101398 Byte) salad plate 2-plates.jpg (86302 Byte) plates teller fork knife messer gabel after-the-meal.jpg (92589 Byte) dirty plates
fish-on-ice.jpg (106976 Byte) fish fisch ice eis shop-window-food.jpg (122738 Byte) shop food olives-food.jpg (203805 Byte) food-dessert-m8t.jpg (125208 Byte) dessert plate picture
potato-k6f.jpg (65735 Byte) potato tomato-mozarella-9h.jpg (80761 Byte) salad tomato mozarella two_plates-salad.jpg (121126 Byte) salad picture salat fruits_photo.jpg (178303 Byte) fruits food
chips-n7s.jpg (142206 Byte) chips picture food_picture.jpg (195932 Byte) food photo food-fish.jpg (158799 Byte) fish food fisch eggs-kj5.jpg (73777 Byte) eggs
food-fruits-photo.jpg (167388 Byte) fruits fruechte photo-fruits.jpg (200291 Byte) fruits food-photo.jpg (112312 Byte) food photo potatoes-582w.jpg (109580 Byte) kartoffeln
beer-gks6.jpg (86656 Byte) glass-beer.jpg (100413 Byte) beer, bier pizza-hk73.jpg (109877 Byte) pizza picture food food-pic-jin5.jpg (116487 Byte) picture food
photo-food-i8k.jpg (123456 Byte) picture food food-g6th.jpg (118351 Byte) mozarella tomato food-vxc4.jpg (100058 Byte) tomato salad plate-food-v6w.jpg (129147 Byte) empty
potatoes-i9e.jpg (123993 Byte) asparagus-7b2.jpg (96552 Byte) spaghetti-o93.jpg (105634 Byte) mozarella-k8u.jpg (106082 Byte) salad
water-melon-k8w.jpg (138299 Byte) cottage-cheese-j5q.jpg (107090 Byte) food pineapple-9h6.jpg (93903 Byte) potatoes-9q6.jpg (108254 Byte)
fish-menu-x6g.jpg (111501 Byte) plate potato-cheese-i4j.jpg (78217 Byte) food sandwich-6ta.jpg (182972 Byte) food sandwich-ay6.jpg (157618 Byte)
strawberries-cream.jpg (115470 Byte) dessert sweet cake-a91n.jpg (99671 Byte) food sweet bread-z39.jpg (167376 Byte) food plate-fruits-6kq.jpg (142235 Byte) vegetarian food
chef-hands-9br.jpg (133228 Byte) cooking cooking-i3t.jpg (135616 Byte) kitchen-j5c.jpg (136826 Byte) restaurant cooking-e1o.jpg (144826 Byte)
dessert-o4t.jpg (99402 Byte) sweet food-plate-v8w.jpg (121590 Byte) fry-pan-9e1.jpg (114425 Byte) plate-9n4.jpg (81724 Byte)
cook-hands-i4z.jpg (94735 Byte) restaurant chef-plate-fo4.jpg (114225 Byte) plate-food-h6q.jpg (114241 Byte) table-i3q.jpg (123528 Byte) restaurant
cake-coffee-4y0.jpg (158837 Byte) dessert salad-7zb3.jpg (98899 Byte) health food table-food-g2q.jpg (132585 Byte) tea-pot-hr8.jpg (121470 Byte)
ham-croissants.jpg (109861 Byte) sushi-7us2.jpg (126837 Byte) coffee-7a61.jpg (170087 Byte) beverage sacher-wien-748.jpg (120047 Byte) sweet
food-table-g4q.jpg (177410 Byte) sausage-fire-3k6.jpg (211015 Byte) tea-table-vo2.jpg (152485 Byte) chocolate-t4an.jpg (108224 Byte)
dessert-wm2l.jpg (169347 Byte) fries-bq9y.jpg (97816 Byte) ice-cream-r1vz.jpg (142950 Byte) tangerine-z4b1.jpg (153286 Byte)
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