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Macro photography
This is a fascinating world of ultra close ups. Even a simple leaf comes to life under a macro lens with its structural details becoming more apparent. Some other basic equipment is advisable in addition to a good quality macro lens. This includes a remote-control release and a mirror lock-up leaver to avoid any camera shake, manual focusing option and TTL metering to compensate for light loss from filters and extensions.
At such close quarters, depth of field shrinks to millimetres and auto focus simply won't give you the image you want. Don't forget that depth of field is very shallow, but this can be used to your advantage. Smaller apertures give greater depth of field, but a slower exposure may be a disadvantage, particularly in windy conditions. This can be overcome with a fast film or flash. 

Photography is generally considered macro when the image is about 5 times natural size. This means that in a good macro photograph you can see detail that you can’t see with the naked eye. For example hairs on a house fly will become visible, or the wings of a damsel fly or dragonfly, which beat too fast to be visible with the naked eye, may be seen clearly in the macro photo.
While animals and nature in general are good subjects for macro photography, stunning photos can also be taken of inanimate objects in extreme close up. For example children’s toys taken with a macro lens where the background is out of focus can be really interesting, or you can shoot different materials and surfaces to get good abstract pictures of a variety of textures.

closeup002.jpg (105873 Byte) closeup, thorn, dorn barbed-wire.jpg (102416 Byte) barbedwire closeup013.jpg (281926 Byte) wood,, holz closeup001.jpg (243917 Byte) pin, sicherheitsnadel
closeup027.jpg (225666 Byte) burning_cigar.jpg (107791 Byte) burning cigar closeup019.jpg (165128 Byte) Opal, opal opalring kodak-film.jpg (107407 Byte) kodak film cartridge
closeup016.jpg (205009 Byte) peace of wood, nail, nagel closeup021.jpg (140521 Byte), nikon objectiv lens closeup003.jpg (166166 Byte), brille mit zeitung spectacles glasses newspaper tennis-ball-micro.jpg (121947 Byte) tennis ball
closeup005.jpg (150739 Byte) conifer tree , closeup, makro, nadelbaum closeup031.jpg (110636 Byte), stecker kabel stromkabel cable bread.jpg (127564 Byte) bread coins-2.jpg (168043 Byte) coins
elastic_band.jpg (109409 Byte) elastic band electric_shaver.jpg (138426 Byte) electric shaver tooth-brush.jpg (64626 Byte) tooth brush tooth paste kodak_ed-3.jpg (76394 Byte) kodak film ed 3
screw-micro.jpg (103714 Byte) screw closeup018.jpg (70254 Byte) kugelschreiber ball-point ballpoint stylo closeup024.jpg (124468 Byte) colors tube stamps_micro.jpg (139356 Byte) post stamps micro makro photos
bicycle-chain.jpg (101630 Byte) bicycle chain, picture pill_medecine.jpg (115513 Byte) pill closeup015.jpg (191568 Byte)  needle thread nadel faden aiguille fil closeup022.jpg (122495 Byte) game spiel brettspiel spielzeug
closeup014.jpg (169642 Byte) water melon watermelon water-melon wassermelone closeup039.jpg (60740 Byte) Farbstifte colored pencil coloured pastel crayon de couleur clothes_peg-4d.jpg (101295 Byte) clothes peg yellow url-www-bigfoto.jpg (157956 Byte) url pc http display computer
closeup011.jpg (130230 Byte), zuendhoelzer streichhoelzer matches lee_cooper-button.jpg (188273 Byte) lee cooper jeans button closeup029.jpg (88470 Byte) watch, uhr shopping-code.jpg (159645 Byte) shopping code strichcode picture bild
golf_ball.jpg (98163 Byte) golf ball macro micro picture closeup035.jpg (188261 Byte) praline pralinenschachtel spring-3.jpg (162146 Byte) spring makro micro photo closeup026.jpg (103620 Byte) time display
closeup012.jpg (130233 Byte) bierdose tin can closeup020.jpg (161777 Byte) coffee coffee-bean coffeebean kaffee kaffeebohne cafe kava closeup023.jpg (249170 Byte) kreditkarten credit cards creditcard closeup033.jpg (82779 Byte) leaf blatt feuille
closeup032.jpg (104696 Byte) scissors shears schere ciseaux closeup028.jpg (70081 Byte) glass of wine weinglas closeup010.jpg (96143 Byte), schachfigur springer schach chess schachbrett chess-board closeup025.jpg (213592 Byte) zip fastener reissverschluss fermeture
digital-camera-buttons.jpg (188741 Byte) digital camera buttons closeup030.jpg (88719 Byte) lamp bulb lampe ampoule thorn-photo_if.jpg (40051 Byte) thorn closeup038.jpg (217340 Byte) melon melone, free pics
closeup037.jpg (72057 Byte)  pear birne poire closeup007.jpg (89318 Byte) apple makro closeup, apfel apple-closeup-2.jpg (96832 Byte) apple micro closeup004.jpg (90279 Byte) trauben grapes raisin grappe
sunflower-wk35.jpg (102613 Byte) closeup sunflower    closeup006.jpg (107418 Byte), insekt insect closeup040.jpg (102005 Byte) insekt insect closeup017.jpg (121275 Byte) snail slug schnecke escargot
meter-c6zu.jpg (239226 Byte) meter photo macro-jkq.jpg (103083 Byte) technics closeup photo  closeup041.jpg (54788 Byte) locust grasshopper heuschrecke sauterelle audio-3a9s.jpg (113959 Byte) photo
bike-part-b5rt.jpg (108461 Byte) macro picture fork-h7zu.jpg (102028 Byte) makro rasor-6wd1.jpg (106088 Byte)


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