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Many of our Christmas traditions were celebrated centuries before Christ was born. Giving gifts, the Yule log, carol singing, church processions and the 12 days of Christmas can all be traced back to the early Mesopotamians.
Sacaea, celebrated by the Persians and Babylonians, was a similar festival during which slaves and masters would exchange roles.
Santa on Harley Davidson Early Europeans believed in evil spirits and as the dark days of winter approached, special rituals and celebrations were held to drive out evil and welcome back the sun.
During winter in Scandinavia the sun would disappear for many days. When it returned a Yuletide celebration was held and a special feast served around a burning Yule log fire.
The Roman's celebrated their god Saturn with a festival called Saturnalia which ran from 17 to 24 December. Celebrations included masquerades in the streets, festive meals, visits to friends and the exchange of good-luck gifts. The Romans used decorations of garlands of laurel and green trees lit with candles. The fun and festivities in honour of a pagan god were frowned on by the early Christians who wanted to keep the birth of Christ a solemn, religious festival.
Some theories claim that the Christmas celebration was invented by the Christians to compete against the pagan December celebrations. Eventually the church succeeded in integrating some of the merriment, lights and gifts from the Saturnalia festival into Christmas celebrations.
The Celtic culture of the British Isles revered all green plants, particularly mistletoe and holly. These were important symbols of fertility and used for decorating homes and altars.
The exact day of Christ's birth is not known. Traditions say that it was celebrated as early 98 AD. In 137 AD, the Bishop of Rome ordered Christ's birthday to be celebrated as a solemn feast. In 350 AD, the then Bishop of Rome, Julius I, choose December 25th for the observance of Christmas. 
The earliest English reference to 25 December as Christmas Day dates from 1043.
Christmas celebrations have always been controversial as many of the festive traditions have their roots in paganism. Frivolity and feasting, the giving of gifts and frequent excesses have always been in complete contrast to the simplicity of the Nativity and are often condemned as contrary to the true spirit of Christmas.
Although not the original purpose of the day, Christmas remains a traditional time for families to meet, enjoy a meal, and make merry. 
Wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

christmas_05.jpg (64832 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Hotel Guetsch, Lucerne, Luzern, Switzerland, Schweiz christmas_01.jpg (156741 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Weihnachten, Noel, Zug, Switzerland christmas_02.jpg (165961 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Lucerne, Luzern, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Foto christmas_20.jpg (117770 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Zurich, Zuerich, Schweiz, Weihnachten, Foto
christmas_13.jpg (141007 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Zurich, Switzerland, Zuerich, Jelmoli, Weihnachten, Foto, christmas_11.jpg (67193 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Lucerne, Switzerland, Luzern, Weihnachten, Suisse, Noel christmas_08.jpg (107039 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Lake of Lucerne, Luzern, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Switzerland, Noel christmas_09.jpg (96114 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Hofkirche, Luzern, Lucerne, Foto, Weihnachten, Suisse, Schweiz, Switzerland
christmas_03.jpg (92803 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Lucerne, Weihnachten, Noel, Luzern, Switzerland, Schweiz christmas_18.jpg (80858 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Foto christmas_04.jpg (135676 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Luzern, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Suisse, Switzerland christmas_07.jpg (49365 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Oldtown Lucerne, Altstadt Luzern, Weihnachten, Switzerland, Schweiz
christmas_16.jpg (96438 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Hotel Storchen, Zurich, Switzerland, Zuerich, Schweiz, Weihnachten, Foto christmas_15.jpg (125047 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Zurich, Switzerland, Weihnachten, Zuerich, Foto christmas_17.jpg (138108 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Suisse, Noel christmas-y9x1.jpg (103165 Byte) night lights christmas picture
christmas_14.jpg (125792 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Foto christmas_06.jpg (78559 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Oldtown Lucerne, Switzerland, Foto, Schweiz, Suisse, Weihnachten, Noel christmas_19.jpg (66983 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Stars, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Sterne, Foto christmas_12.jpg (93069 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Schweiz, Weihnachten,  Foto
windows-h7uzt.jpg (113161 Byte) christmas photo windows-7h7r1.jpg (115091 Byte) christmas photo christmas_22.jpg (70532 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Lucerne, Schweiz, Luzern, Weihnachten, Foto, Noel, Suisse christmas_23.jpg (56853 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Santa Clouse, Switzerland, Lucerne, Schweiz, Weihnachten, Sankt Nikolaus, Weihnachtsmann, Foto
santa_claus-christmas.jpg (96547 Byte) Santa Claus santa_claus-puppet.jpg (139590 Byte) Santa Claus photo santa_claus-l4.jpg (81583 Byte) santa claus christmas_21.jpg (120453 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Switzerland, Zurich, Zuerich, Schweiz, Foto
santa-window-nh8.jpg (177647 Byte) santaclaus santas-ur43.jpg (188832 Byte) santa claus santa-fl52.jpg (174087 Byte) santa claus climbing candles_christmas-87.jpg (156989 Byte) christmas decoration candles
christmas_tree-9h.jpg (105196 Byte) christmas tree christbaum christmas-tree-lc.jpg (200424 Byte) christmastree weihnachtsbaum.jpg (142428 Byte) christmas tree presents santa-window.jpg (111242 Byte) christmas
christmas-santa-h8.jpg (164207 Byte) christmas santa claus christmas-star-8v.jpg (107355 Byte) christmas star christmas-tramway.jpg (158302 Byte) christmas tram way santa-claus_wagon.jpg (90699 Byte) christmas
christmas-a9qp.jpg (166569 Byte) santa face christmas-tree-ne.jpg (230203 Byte) decoration christmas tree santa_christmas-gi.jpg (161338 Byte) christmas santas christmas-decoration_6k.jpg (70264 Byte) christmas decoration
christmas-deco-9h.jpg (69736 Byte) christmas photo presents-house.jpg (132048 Byte) presents parcels christmas christmas_lights-m2.jpg (105009 Byte) christmas christmas_night-85.jpg (90397 Byte) christmas
christmas-crib-theme.jpg (106045 Byte) christmas christmas-decoration_h8.jpg (66201 Byte) christmas christmas-time_4x.jpg (97973 Byte) christmas christmass_tree_bells.jpg (141815 Byte) christmas bells
christmas-lights-jd.jpg (93518 Byte) christmas pic christmas-lights-l3.jpg (140843 Byte) chrispmas photo christmas-santa-g2.jpg (184794 Byte) christmas picture father-christmas_ren.jpg (142059 Byte) christmas image
christmas-3v8la.jpg (129590 Byte) picture christmas-48u1.jpg (141784 Byte) photo christmas-al2i.jpg (106576 Byte) christmas photo lights star-zx7.jpg (113656 Byte)
christmas_10.jpg (250300 Byte) christmas picture photo pic, Zurich, Zuerich, Switzerland, Weihnachten, Schweiz, Suisse, Noel, christmas-decoration_s2.jpg (126358 Byte) christmas decoration christmas_decoration-j2.jpg (94810 Byte) christmas decoration lights-water-h94z.jpg (126669 Byte) christmas photo
lights-dfg4s.jpg (145714 Byte) christmas photo christmas-trees_9b.jpg (101304 Byte) christmas trees tree-deco-j7w.jpg (112832 Byte) tree-star-7wi.jpg (115078 Byte)
bell-light-dx7.jpg (99012 Byte) blue-lights-x2a9.jpg (115281 Byte) candles-7e1.jpg (98623 Byte) christmas-tc8m.jpg (99678 Byte)
donkey-f61q.jpg (108776 Byte) house-lights-xi3.jpg (116695 Byte) lights-c1qx.jpg (107979 Byte) santa-vc8m.jpg (147505 Byte)
presents-hc5b.jpg (114051 Byte) christmas santa-presents-ib4s.jpg (135875 Byte) santa-donkey-7r3.jpg (126473 Byte) christmas santa-presents-j5w.jpg (191862 Byte)
santa-lights-c9q.jpg (130519 Byte) lights-v4q0.jpg (93222 Byte) night-vnf9.jpg (111581 Byte) christmas santa-i5t1.jpg (105112 Byte) christmas
santa-xvs6.jpg (128202 Byte) shepherd-g6e8.jpg (161289 Byte) snowman-uv7j.jpg (99748 Byte) christmas-b71j.jpg (152306 Byte) house decoration
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