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Tips to better pictures (3)


Add movement
Add movement to a still photograph. A waterfall will look as if it is flowing if you use a tripod and an exposure of 1 to 2 seconds. You'll need a slow film and a small aperture if it's a bright day. 
Taking a shot of a crowded street or children playing can also add interesting movement, if taken at a relatively slow speed. Experiment with exposure times of about 1/15 to 1/60 sec. Using a tripod means the surroundings will stay sharp, enhancing the feeling of movement.

Stop down
If you take a shot of a scene with extreme light contrasts, such as a snow-capped mountain between dark cliffs, the mountain is likely to look washed out or have even disappeared when the picture is printed. Compensate by reducing the aperture size by 1 to 2 F-stops. Elements that are too dark (underexposed) can be corrected with printing, but elements that are too light (overexposed) are lost forever.

ad5_snu.JPG (271804 Byte) sunset ad0_pflanze.JPG (141200 Byte) plant fahrverbot-8g3.jpg (91387 Byte) signal red white boats_colors.jpg (201192 Byte) boats on the beach
02j_adelaide.JPG (193423 Byte) citiy australia ab5_stadlhfn.JPG (170018 Byte) railway station, stadelhofen 02l_traktor.JPG (287067 Byte) charriot ar2_steingl.JPG (289903 Byte), gletscher glacier
spider-net-4k.jpg (288470 Byte) spider net ai4_croatia.JPG (116938 Byte), segelboot segelschiff sailingboat sailingship yacht ac8_golf.JPG (247860 Byte), golf golfspieler golfplayer tree-clouds-m2.jpg (270974 Byte) tree clouds
wall-7d3w.JPG (150509 Byte) ai3_kaktus.JPG (143386 Byte), kaktus kaktusblume kaktee cactus cactusflower ad9_bank.JPG (311740 Byte), bank klupa sitzbank bench ruhe am see green-leaves-2yu.jpg (126998 Byte) leaf picture
y1wintit.JPG (174912 Byte) winterthur ab4_fenster.JPG (224734 Byte), erker bay bay-window ao0_glas.JPG (189771 Byte), glas spielwuerfel cube die drink 02k_fresken.JPG (172394 Byte), fresken fresko fresco
on-the-run-cafe-1.jpg (99311 Byte) on the run cafe on-the-run-2.jpg (130996 Byte) on the run table_chairs_picture.jpg (132447 Byte) tables chairs car-indicator-9hd.jpg (77372 Byte) car indicator
construction-barrels.jpg (221282 Byte) barrel straws--98fv.jpg (169510 Byte) straw color photo straws-lib4.jpg (144258 Byte) straw drinking straws-mineral-kx5.jpg (125302 Byte) straw mineral water
bicycles-wall-ir.jpg (143093 Byte) bicycles red-pedalos-n7z.jpg (185056 Byte) red boats tree-house-zs9.jpg (176033 Byte) tree house facade water-gju6.jpg (181288 Byte) water
colours-stoes-r71q.jpg (134530 Byte) colors-mirror-56e.jpg (100867 Byte) colt-car-6i2f.jpg (118966 Byte) two-dogs-l93w.jpg (123698 Byte) dogs picture
field-pic-83tw.jpg (338475 Byte) sculpture-chicken.jpg (233885 Byte) tree-trunk-eswf.jpg (277884 Byte) tree-sun-h8j5.jpg (107075 Byte) picture sunset
wall-colors-1pv2.jpg (129205 Byte) colours picture branches-8u2m.jpg (203575 Byte) picture tree ice-snow-a63t.jpg (210526 Byte) picture snow leafs-a72wz.jpg (124394 Byte) picture leaves
don-pascual-ft52.jpg (146860 Byte) don-pasqual-6ze.jpg (121492 Byte) shoes-jw4s.jpg (174851 Byte) pictures shoes white-chairs-g6r.jpg (104127 Byte) free photos
rucksack-z6t9.jpg (118326 Byte) lamps-8ikm.jpg (98473 Byte) light image propellers-v6q1.jpg (126484 Byte) colours photos lights-c1h4.jpg (116003 Byte)
leaf_autumn.jpg (132256 Byte) net-i9v5.jpg (102849 Byte) wire-cable-j7z.jpg (94190 Byte) elk-sign-i2t.jpg (97216 Byte)
working-men-8e3.jpg (166190 Byte) roof-m7u4.jpg (123279 Byte) wall-c02n.jpg (291421 Byte) earth-z7w.jpg (341247 Byte)
grate-h3c.jpg (97336 Byte) green-e1b.JPG (207446 Byte) nature plants-6w7i.jpg (217556 Byte) tablecloth-z3g.JPG (261047 Byte)
concrete-mixer-9e3.jpg (264002 Byte) construction dry-soil-5sh6.jpg (217578 Byte) fishing-net-7wi.jpg (324782 Byte) hosepipe-s92m.jpg (99527 Byte) water
airplane-8r2.jpg (80054 Byte) contrail ash-tray-4xi.jpg (71029 Byte) smoking at-the-beach.jpg (119586 Byte) window airplane-z2b.jpg (103058 Byte)
boy-sign-t3b8.jpg (118745 Byte) chess-ic1.jpg (181020 Byte) clock-6w3.jpg (99643 Byte) dance-icq8.jpg (101487 Byte)
barometer-i4r.jpg (94631 Byte) meteorology bottles.jpg (102363 Byte) windmill-i2j.jpg (170108 Byte) wood-carving-u2q.jpg (158626 Byte) art
3-stones-mr8.jpg (148115 Byte) decoration bull-sign-i1e.jpg (105096 Byte) crystal-sign-9n3.jpg (85860 Byte) lake-forest-2i1.jpg (206665 Byte) nature
blower-brush-6d2.jpg (138756 Byte) brush, rubber bulb for blowing or brushing dust off a film or camera lens. glas-ju76.jpg (164000 Byte) glasses-nhz.jpg (137785 Byte) scissors-8r1z.jpg (149386 Byte)
clothes-hanger.jpg (115877 Byte) face-red-wm5.jpg (99052 Byte) head profile garage-door-f5w.jpg (142590 Byte) colors window-raindrops-r4f.jpg (142413 Byte) weather
lichen-7cy4.jpg (377474 Byte) postauto-vr3y.jpg (107515 Byte) privat-2mdo.jpg (208971 Byte) puzzle-ball-b5e.jpg (94934 Byte)
heart-un2o.jpg (108891 Byte) hold-j3e.jpg (201843 Byte) optician-zq5.jpg (87524 Byte) glasses paling-zk2y.jpg (195523 Byte)
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