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Four Thirds system, Bridge cameras 


Four Thirds system
The Four Thirds system uses a 4:3 inch-based image ratio, as with other compact digital cameras as opposed to a full-frame digital SLR, which usually uses the 3:2 ratio of the traditional 35 mm format. The actual size of the Four Thirds sensor is however much smaller: 18 mm x 13.5 mm. This is about 40% less than sensors used in most digital SLR, but almost 10 times larger than sensors typically used in compact digital cameras.
A Micro Four Thirds camera is a cross between a standard point-and-shoot camera and a digital SLR. The difference between a point-and-shoot camera and an MTF camera is that MFTs have small interchangeable lenses and good size sensors. The difference between a digital SLR camera and an MFT camera is that MFTs do not have a mirror and viewfinder. A shot is composed only on the LCD screen. This technology provides much smaller cameras than SLRs, while still producing excellent images.

Bridge cameras
Bridge cameras fill the gap between digital compact cameras and digital SLRs by offering the technology found in both. They are more compact than SLRs but certainly not pocket size and also more restricted in terms of lens options and the range of features. Bridge camera lenses are fixed, but usually have a very large zoom range and are also normally able to tackle reasonable macro images. Although they offer the facility of point-and-shoot, they also have a good range of exposure modes, metering options, special programmes, good size LCD screens etc. and offer full manual control. Although megapixels are often in double figures, image quality will not compare to digital SLRs as the image sensors are smaller.

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green-bottles-m78.jpg (136611 Byte) green bottles green-bottles-9f4.jpg (137903 Byte) green bottles tree_hill.jpg (148834 Byte) tree trees-sky-mu3.jpg (123579 Byte) trees pictures
v2kanu.JPG (194279 Byte), kanu traffic-light_green.jpg (104051 Byte) traffic light green traffic-light_yellow.jpg (122232 Byte) traffic light yellow v5lisi.jpg (134436 Byte) red traffic light
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glass-ball-n64.jpg (137203 Byte) glasball glass-balls-color.jpg (150875 Byte) ball glass picture glass-balls-nvt.jpg (164395 Byte) glass pearls glass-color-balls-hr8.jpg (184921 Byte) pearl glass
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no-shoes-8tn.jpg (80617 Byte) no shoe allowed sign bakery-sign-j7h2.jpg (122554 Byte) bakery tree-lake-z6v3.jpg (175994 Byte) tree branch straw-plastic-ju71.jpg (154090 Byte) plastic picture
lamp-sunset-ol46.jpg (130358 Byte) picture lake sun office-9ol2.jpg (125900 Byte) business picture clouds-vm7sy.jpg (126085 Byte) photo sculpture-7e1u.JPG (98556 Byte)
shadow-man-8i3.jpg (160830 Byte) shadow picture shadow-people-5x3.jpg (150237 Byte) image shadow shovel-iw6k.jpg (231041 Byte) clock-0il.jpg (115888 Byte) multiple exposure
colors-8i3.jpg (149263 Byte) roof-8eo.jpg (134980 Byte) leafs-7w93e.jpg (136543 Byte) key-5c9.jpg (157489 Byte) photo
glass-6x0o.jpg (154366 Byte) bowl water ship-bell-k9iu.jpg (138858 Byte) winter-houses-9o8.jpg (228045 Byte) tree-shadow-8c3.jpg (113722 Byte) fish eye 16 mm
motion-c63z.jpg (122539 Byte) multiple-exposure-5xiq.jpg (180601 Byte) cups-n7w0.jpg (103284 Byte) dishes iron-s4r5.jpg (235650 Byte)
onion-f5q.jpg (101486 Byte) lake-j7d3.jpg (115222 Byte) clouds sandwich-d3s.jpg (111858 Byte) antenna-0t41.jpg (120701 Byte)
face-usj5.jpg (102995 Byte) puppet clouds-rain-9i1.jpg (135113 Byte) trees-s0k2.jpg (139125 Byte) small-house-n6w.jpg (228082 Byte)
floor-g4a.jpg (191376 Byte) forest-cloud-7u3.JPG (93157 Byte) nature boat-tree-6t3.jpg (185720 Byte) lake plough-8v3.JPG (255632 Byte)
cat-horses.jpg (142014 Byte) painting blue-red-tm2.jpg (92854 Byte) sign buggy-sea-z5w.jpg (109491 Byte) floor-c5qi.jpg (321838 Byte) colors
animal-sign-u4t.jpg (127060 Byte) baker-v62w.jpg (112384 Byte) numbers-i3b.jpg (102768 Byte) people-sculpture-c6q.jpg (111070 Byte)
barrel-forest-a8c3.jpg (161127 Byte) blue-red-7wf.jpg (103041 Byte) dragonfly-sculpture-i4g.jpg (94879 Byte) fruits-8wy0.jpg (162776 Byte)
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figurines-iw6.jpg (192034 Byte) food-point-3qi.jpg (112692 Byte) hair-face-5so.jpg (108433 Byte) motorbike-sculpture-t3c.jpg (135801 Byte)
branch-h5a9.jpg (118208 Byte) leaf candelabrum-zx3.jpg (96794 Byte) light car-dump.jpg (196725 Byte) coat-hanger.jpg (123784 Byte)
coat-arms-z7bw.jpg (244467 Byte) balance corn-z2vi.jpg (269386 Byte) crane-h5s9.jpg (95160 Byte) eyeglasses-sign-2w.jpg (89691 Byte)
water-melon-so2.jpg (122686 Byte) wheels-z4u1.jpg (197754 Byte) woodpile-gm3.jpg (278089 Byte) yellow-foot-print-52.jpg (238303 Byte)
apple-6yt1.jpg (233782 Byte) family-e8j1.jpg (109584 Byte) pictogram iron-5x4k.jpg (157713 Byte) lake-stone-tree-z4d.jpg (225640 Byte) nature
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