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Stock Photography


Stock photography” refers to photographs offered for use by agencies, usually in return for a fee, and sometimes a royalty payable each time an image is used. It is often cheaper for a web designer or commercial artist to buy stock photographs, rather than have to hire a photographer and, if people are the subject of the required image, pay a model as well.
Digital cameras have revolutionised the stock photography business, because it is possible to search through millions of pictures for exactly the right image for your needs, and then to obtain the photo electronically via the internet. Images are usually classified into categories and then displayed as thumbnails within the category.

Royalty free” means that after paying a fee there is no further charge for multiple use and no time limit on when the image can be used.

“Rights managed” means the agency issues a license for the use of an image and sets the charge according to the value that the buyer is going to get out of its use. If it is important to you to have exclusive use of the image, then a rights managed deal could ensure this.
Some agencies also offer video and audio tracks on a similar basis, and if it is more suitable for the designer’s needs to use an artist’s illustration or moving flash rather than a photograph, these are available as well. “Vector art” or “vector illustrations” are scalable graphics by computer artists which can be downloaded as pictures or backgrounds, but you need appropriate software to handle them.

Documentary photography usually refers to a type of professional photojournalism. Usually such photographs are meant for publication.

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items.

Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of commonplace objects.

Wildlife photography is regarded as being one of the more challenging forms of photography.

Nature photography refers to a range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements.

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own-bread.jpg (130952 Byte) sign own bread, free photo lake-boat.jpg (110341 Byte) lake boat, sunset, free photo branch-tree.jpg (130059 Byte) branch, tree, free photos leaves-fg72.jpg (188293 Byte) picture leaf
trees_people.jpg (301875 Byte) trees people, free pic peace-flag.jpg (105172 Byte) peace flag, free pic beach_man.jpg (184095 Byte) beach woman free photo gallery iron-kf2.jpg (235334 Byte) iron grating
forest-fall.jpg (325599 Byte) trees, fall, autumn, free pic danger-ik3w.jpg (135101 Byte) picture danger mask-73fq.jpg (155504 Byte) picture mask leafs.jpg (233586 Byte) leaf, free pic
pile-wood.jpg (193731 Byte) pile wood, free pic lemon-ice.jpg (201132 Byte) lemon in ice container.jpg (284926 Byte) container, free picture pedestrian-crossing.jpg (269244 Byte) traffic, car, pedestrian crossing
shoes.jpg (94524 Byte) training shoe, free pic basketball.jpg (147863 Byte) free pics, basketball tree-fall.jpg (320110 Byte) tree fall, free photo white-arrow.jpg (280232 Byte) white arrow, free pictures
tree_trunk-photo.jpg (175964 Byte) tree trunk tree_field.jpg (129581 Byte) tree field surface-of-the-water.jpg (176920 Byte) surface water water-circle-lk2.jpg (108561 Byte) water waves circle
melon-sunglasses.jpg (110128 Byte) experimental photography door-lock.jpg (232244 Byte) closed door tile-roof-9a.jpg (257380 Byte) tiles roof picture cars-alps.jpg (106310 Byte) cars and swiss alps
books-9he.jpg (54552 Byte) book photo clothes-peg-b75.jpg (85024 Byte) peg picture klammer pills-u8eb.jpg (122645 Byte) pills picture slides-mu7w.jpg (119156 Byte) slides flowers dia
sponge-e2wk.jpg (115960 Byte) sponge schwamm ruler-9gt3.jpg (111733 Byte) ruler massstab glass-wine-b6e.jpg (66054 Byte) glas wine wein diary-i5rd.jpg (147873 Byte) agenda
do-not-8ik2.jpg (71182 Byte) walk trees-sky-wud1.jpg (92498 Byte) screw-chn2.jpg (83075 Byte) privat-snow.jpg (120982 Byte)
key-hole-w72a.jpg (148971 Byte) schloss glass-83eg.jpg (95054 Byte) house-chairs-iwv2.jpg (201107 Byte) chairs picture tire-2q7c.jpg (170194 Byte) tire reifen
flower-pots.jpg (106669 Byte) flower pot, free pic zoom-red-green-9i4.jpg (64473 Byte) wheels-hju2.jpg (128502 Byte) picture post_yellow-black.jpg (127672 Byte) post, free pictures
branch-wu3s.jpg (120817 Byte) photo branch snow-leaves-h74e.jpg (167330 Byte) photo snow cds-o0ip.jpg (189643 Byte) photo cds stones-ice-4i8.jpg (163071 Byte) photo stones
kabel-bhh.jpg (124011 Byte) Cables water-stones-j8i.jpg (168647 Byte) photos chairs-y9l3.jpg (115027 Byte) chairs colors picture sun-clock-x8w.jpg (116544 Byte)
flowers-tree-5cw.jpg (251806 Byte) nature leaf-l9i1.jpg (124795 Byte) path-7so.jpg (158347 Byte) forest tree-7mq8.jpg (197918 Byte) nature
trees-lake-3ky.jpg (250577 Byte) nature window-g5q.jpg (120189 Byte) stones-star-lq8.jpg (273554 Byte) house-alps-z3.jpg (173325 Byte)
green-white-5xe.jpg (74851 Byte) colors branch-6wk.jpg (84787 Byte) tree sky scrap-metal-6w2.jpg (140747 Byte) water-branch-7so.jpg (95845 Byte)
corn-clouds.jpg (110540 Byte) crane-3xj2.jpg (104545 Byte) hand-1ma7.jpg (83967 Byte) hand-zqi3.jpg (85428 Byte)
car-field-8m3.jpg (172125 Byte) dog-sign-r2m.jpg (202031 Byte) hair-dresser-sign.jpg (120518 Byte) octopus-i2b7.jpg (83258 Byte)
red-rose-uq2m.jpg (107287 Byte) river-stones-7wi.jpg (269657 Byte) scooter-z3n.jpg (211483 Byte) sculpture-iron-u3b.jpg (144073 Byte)
ball-stars-l8q.jpg (130954 Byte) car-wash-i4q.jpg (97050 Byte) garden-gnome-bo1k.jpg (139182 Byte) lake-f5q.jpg (103317 Byte)
chair-qp6y.jpg (178683 Byte) cork chef-y01j.jpg (119890 Byte) cook stump-c5g.jpg (203973 Byte) tree garden-gnome-s5v2.jpg (116918 Byte) small
auto-graveyard.jpg (127992 Byte) old cars flowers-railway.jpg (100651 Byte) leaves-5v4i.jpg (104076 Byte) motorbike-sculpture-qm3.jpg (179503 Byte) modern art
air-condition-4qs.jpg (138791 Byte) bear-qi4c.jpg (225040 Byte) cable-g3b.jpg (215503 Byte) children-gtwq.jpg (205554 Byte)
construction-h2a.jpg (267132 Byte) construction-h2v.jpg (265233 Byte) decoration-b6y.jpg (199289 Byte) garden-fence-z6n.jpg (85319 Byte)
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