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No one who remembers 1989, when the Berlin Wall dividing East and West came down in not much more than a night, partly through ‘people power’, can visit Germany’s capital city without being aware of its unique history. To have an impression of the wall as it was, with no man’s land beyond where many died attempting to reach ‘freedom’, head for Bernauer Strasse near Nordbahnhof station, where you can climb a tower to view the historic barrier from above. Alternatively, take the U-bahn, S-bahn or bus out to Warschauer Strasse where there is a 1.3 km stretch of wall that was covered in over 100 murals by artists from all over the world marking the fall of the wall. In keeping with Berlin’s modern image as a capital of creativity, this free open air art gallery is currently being restored after years of defacement by graffiti.
> Berlin’s centre is a delight and just exploring on foot is endlessly fascinating. Many visitors start at the impressive Brandenburg Gate with the park beyond and the Reichstag nearby, with its glass dome designed by Sir Norman Foster for his refurbishment of the parliament building in 1999. Between 08.00 and 23.00 you can walk up the 230 metre gentle gradient that circles the inside of the dome for great views of the government area of the city. (Book online or when you get there, and take ID with you.)
You can take the usual open top bus tour to get yourself orientated in the city, but for a different angle try the Berlin Cruise on the River Spree (April to October). This trip passes the main city centre sights, with commentaries in German and English.

Once politicised by the Nazis, Unter den Linden nowadays is a city centre shopping area and few of the historic lime trees remain. However it makes a pleasant walk past many of the grandest buildings in Berlin to the magnificent Cathedral.
For a stark contrast you could make your way to Alexanderplatz, a 1970s icon of East Germany, with its 368 metre tall Fernsehturm (television tower). Queues for the viewing gallery can be long at the height of the tourist season, but Berlin is a city you can visit at any time of year. In the day the revolving restaurant at the top will let you sit over a coffee for the half hour it takes to complete the circuit.

There are said to be 153 museums in Berlin, and seven of them are conveniently located on Museum Island, itself a World Heritage Site. The Pergamon Museum houses Greek and Roman art and classical antiquities, including reconstructed buildings. It also has a good restaurant with tables outside in summer.
For an insight into a dark period of German history you need to go to the Jewish Museum on Lindenstrasse. Designed by Daniel Libeskind with its Exile Garden and Tower of the Holocaust, the building itself is as much a   part of the powerful experience as the exhibits.

Impressive though these internationally known museums are, my own favourite memorial to heroism in Berlin is the Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt at Rosenthaler 39. At his small brush factory employing many blind Jewish workers, non-Jew Weidt risked his own life to save numerous employees from deportation by bribing the Gestapo, hiding people, and even on one occasion, though partially sighted himself, travelling to a concentration camp and getting an employee released.

Finally, to return to the subject of the Berlin wall, on Friedrichstrasse you can pose for free for photographs at a street mock-up of Checkpoint Charlie, or pay to go into the Check Point Charlie Museum (Daily 09.00 to 22.00). However the original guardhouse from the checkpoint that featured in so many spy stories is to be found in the Allied Museum at Clayallee (admission free), where the 50 year history of the Western powers’ presence in this unique city is documented.

reichstag-berlin.jpg (122710 Byte) reichstag-s4f8.jpg (148923 Byte) Berlin picture, Reichstag berlin-z1o3.jpg (137050 Byte) Germany, Berlin, Reichstag berlin-y7m3.jpg (109333 Byte) Berlin
brandenburger-tor-8iju7.jpg (149423 Byte) Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, picture brandenburger-tor-5r45.jpg (117239 Byte) photo Brandenburg Gate berlin-a0b1.jpg (109459 Byte) image Brandenburg gate karl-marx-allee.jpg (168369 Byte)
berlin-lak5.jpg (151019 Byte) picture Berlin alte-nationalgalerie.jpg (196963 Byte) gedaechtniskirche-8ui7.jpg (196767 Byte) church berlin gedaechtniskirche-sl4g.jpg (166895 Byte) berlin image
alexanderplatz-01.jpg (139588 Byte) Alexander Place, Berlin alexanderplatz-04.jpg (171495 Byte) abgeordnetenhaus-01.jpg (147503 Byte) Berlin photo bergmannstrasse-berlin.jpg (126275 Byte)
bodemuseum-9olm.jpg (184411 Byte) Museum Berlin mercedes-ernst-reuter.jpg (158346 Byte) Berlin pic alexanderstrasse-01.jpg (143817 Byte) Berlin Germany bismarck-berlin.jpg (260282 Byte) Berlin picture
potsdamer-platz-7n8q.jpg (115403 Byte) Berlin, Germany unter-den-linden-01.jpg (142907 Byte) Berlin image unter-den-linden-02.jpg (163849 Byte) Germany Berlin rigaerstrasse-v6u7.jpg (153167 Byte) photo Berlin
checkpoint-charlie-g6e4.jpg (183222 Byte) Berlin checkpoint-charlie-berlin.jpg (163176 Byte) Berlin friedrichstrasse-alf5.jpg (198514 Byte) Berlin foto kreuzberg-berlin-6g5c.jpg (157955 Byte) Berlin
altes-museum-i8u9.jpg (170265 Byte) image berlin bundestag-lki9.jpg (135877 Byte) berlin photos dom-1i8e.jpg (192158 Byte) Berlin dom-vg6t.jpg (154388 Byte) Berlin
europacenter-c6z7.jpg (169617 Byte) berlin germany haus-der-kulturen.jpg (170478 Byte) Berlin kaufhaus-westens-9i8.jpg (219170 Byte) shopping Berlin spree-7un9.jpg (179631 Byte) Berlin river
humboldt-uni.jpg (130124 Byte) Berlin karl-liebknechtstrasse-g5d9.jpg (126261 Byte) monument Berlin marienkirche-fernsehturm.jpg (110218 Byte) TV tower alexanderplatz-ctn7.jpg (105202 Byte) TV tower Berlin
wittenbergplatz-6n7a.jpg (156400 Byte) berlin europe karl-marx-allee-67z6.jpg (185303 Byte) Berlin pictures nikolaikirche-7zh2.jpg (182653 Byte) otto-braunstr-7z6l.jpg (187836 Byte)
gendarmenmarkt-tgr5.jpg (119672 Byte) dom-berlin.jpg (147964 Byte) muehlendamm-f643.jpg (122207 Byte) Berlin palast-der-republik.jpg (190672 Byte) Berlin
hackesche-berlin.jpg (182026 Byte) Berlin hackesche-hoefe-01.jpg (180353 Byte) Germany Berlin hackesche-hoefe-4rdc.jpg (247144 Byte) Germany Berlin photo hackescher-markt.jpg (239179 Byte) Berlin
hedwigskirche-f5b2.jpg (132780 Byte) hamburgerstrasse-monument.jpg (318236 Byte) warschauerbruecke-02.jpg (172402 Byte) warschauer-bruecke-01.jpg (147760 Byte)
pergamonmuseum-6gt7.jpg (136184 Byte) Berlin pergamonaltar-berlin.jpg (148363 Byte) Berlin pergamonmuseum-y4el.jpg (153589 Byte) Berlin hamburgerstrasse-y01w.jpg (142619 Byte) Berlin
hauptbahnhof-c8k2.jpg (109683 Byte) Berlin hauptbahnhof-xmdj.jpg (186106 Byte) Berlin, railway station hauptbahnhof-4v5s.jpg (188674 Byte) berlin station sieges-saeule-bh67.jpg (141701 Byte) pic berlin
holocaust-berlin.jpg (121621 Byte) holocaust-monument-f5e4.jpg (116826 Byte) monument-berlin.jpg (301708 Byte) Berlin neue-synagoge.jpg (137808 Byte) Berlin
strasse-17-Juni.jpg (166893 Byte) Berlin niederkirchnerstrasse-z7i4.jpg (206733 Byte) Berlin wall berlin-5tyo.jpg (180294 Byte) Berlin wall photo berlin-hn5g.jpg (134541 Byte) Deutsche Demokratische Republik
strasse-17-Juni-02.jpg (122845 Byte) berlin-c6va.jpg (107829 Byte) Berlin picture, Siegessäule sieges-saeule-berlin.jpg (122086 Byte) victory column, Berlin berlin-d5yi.jpg (132843 Byte) Berlin monument
kanzleramt-2u1q.jpg (129755 Byte) Berlin kanzleramt-ik8uz.jpg (125074 Byte) Berlin kanzleramt-yux3.jpg (125682 Byte) kanzleramt-6z5y.jpg (126946 Byte) pic berlin
oberbaum-bruecke.jpg (117953 Byte) nikolaiviertel-berlin.jpg (162925 Byte) trabi-5y9m.jpg (136718 Byte) car, Berlin schiffbauerdamm-nj78.jpg (122169 Byte) berlin foto
ruins-2v0q.jpg (155878 Byte) Berlin tuerkischer-markt-01.jpg (202426 Byte) Berlin bachstrasse-tiergarten.jpg (180355 Byte) berlin-fr5t.jpg (138494 Byte)
flohmarkt-17-Juni.jpg (206337 Byte) boxhagener-platz-6z7.jpg (195715 Byte) market Berlin tuerkischer-markt-02.jpg (146226 Byte) Berlin spielplatz-h71h.jpg (207365 Byte) Berlin
hohenschoenhausen-c7u2.jpg (121125 Byte) Berlin hohenschoenhausen-ap2y.jpg (91294 Byte) Berlin hohenschoenhausen-f0o2.jpg (120329 Byte) Berlin hohenschoenhausen-h81q.jpg (149269 Byte) Berlin
berlin-m4rk.jpg (127158 Byte) Berlin Olympiastadion berlin-x0ol.jpg (139280 Byte) Berlin Olympiastadion berlin-sy3x.jpg (112880 Byte) Berlin monument, Sowjetisches Ehrenmal berlin-h02a.jpg (118108 Byte) Berlin Charlottenburg
botanischer-garten.jpg (168525 Byte) Berlin berlin-botanischer.jpg (290669 Byte) Berlin schiffshebewerk-niederfinow-01.jpg (199754 Byte) Berlin schiffshebewerk-niederfinow-02.jpg (144721 Byte) Berlin
berlin_wall_1982.jpg (183348 Byte) Berlin The Berlin Wall 
was initially constructed
starting on August 13, 1961
and dismantled in the weeks
following November 9, 1989.


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