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It may still be winter with fields covered in snow, but around Valentine's Day, brilliant blooms abound as bouquets of flowers fill the shops. As the first snowdrops and crocuses appear, you know that spring is just around the corner and valley meadows will soon be carpeted in a kaleidoscope of colourful wild flowers. Summer arrives and chalet balconies are bedecked with beautiful blossoms. The rich red, yellow and gold of autumn set a quieter mood as the annual cycle slowly once more draws to its close.
Diamonds maybe forever, but flowers are for everyone!
> Photographing flowers is not as easy as you may imagine from the fact that they don’t move about much, but following some simple tips may could make your pictures more successful:
Take photos indoors wherever possible, or at least choose a still day – movement due to wind is one of the most common ways of spoiling your flower picture by blurring, especially when shooting extreme close-ups. To avoid blurring use a good sturdy tripod and a remote shutter release which will eliminate another of the main causes of loss of focus – camera shake.
Select portrait or landscape mode carefully – look at the flower subject and think about which suits its shape the best. If it helps you decide, there’s nothing wrong with lining up the shot through a frame made by your fingers in either landscape or portrait, even if you do feel a bit self-conscious if someone is watching! Then experiment with different angles: try above, below and from straight in front. The tripod is invaluable in this process, because as you try out angles and settings, you can maintain the focus.
Lighting is crucial in good flower photography, and can be used creatively. Dawn is a good time to find the best light, and as a bonus the air is often still then. For a dewy look, sprinkle the petals with a few drops of water. If you are shooting flower pictures indoors, or if you just want to be able to control the light direction and intensity, good results can be obtained using a torch when it is dark, rather than expensive photographic lighting.

Set the camera correctly for the type of close-up you want. Choose the Portrait setting for distances over 30cm, and Macro for distances of less than 30cm, even down to 2.5cm. If you are using manual settings, choose a low F-stop number for a wide aperture; this will give you a sharp image of the flower, but put the background out of focus. Sometimes, perhaps counter-intuitively, using a telephoto lens works even better than Macro. This is true of the type of picture where you want to isolate one flower and put the front of the photo out of focus as well as the background. It is a good idea to turn off the Autofocus when shooting in extreme close-up. This is because precise focussing is vital to the picture, and Autofocus may not be accurate enough.

flower-rose_5.jpg (112335 Byte) rose flower Flower, Spain flower-vase.jpg (160254 Byte) flower vase picture flower-water-drops.jpg (121009 Byte) rain drops flower
flow004.jpg (67142 Byte) flower free pictures flow005.jpg (90423 Byte) flower free foto flow018.jpg (72962 Byte) flower flow011.jpg (86558 Byte) flower closeup blume
flow024.jpg (90147 Byte) flowers blumen flow009.jpg (57405 Byte) flower blumen flow006.jpg (70507 Byte) white flower flow003.jpg (142803 Byte) flower, fiori
flower_closeup_pic.jpg (105320 Byte) flower micro makro closeup flow007.jpg (404818 Byte) flowers pictures flow017.jpg (76809 Byte) flowers blumen cvijet flow001.jpg (103941 Byte) flower free photo, blume bild
flow010.jpg (111344 Byte) flower free photo flow012.jpg (88315 Byte) flower free pic flow002.jpg (304995 Byte) flower free picture flow016.jpg (81295 Byte) flower
flow031.jpg (90382 Byte) orchid flower picture orchidee flow040.jpg (220312 Byte) rose rosenblume roseflower free pics flowers flow037.jpg (257617 Byte) flowers blumen images flow013.jpg (92147 Byte) flower free pic
flow014.jpg (90787 Byte) flower free photo flow032.jpg (76346 Byte) orchid image orchidee orhideja flow021.jpg (126412 Byte) flower blume blumenfotos gratis flow015.jpg (83591 Byte) flowers free photo
flow019.jpg (185836 Byte) flower free pic blumen flowers flow027.jpg (112470 Byte) blumen flowers photos flow039.jpg (228847 Byte) flowers blumen free photos flow038.jpg (113501 Byte)  apfelblüte apfelbluete
flow023.jpg (348607 Byte) flowers blumen blumenbusch umsonst bilder flow030.jpg (95974 Byte) waterlily seerose nenuphar actinie wasserblume flow033.jpg (203176 Byte) orchid free picture orchidee flow022.jpg (193156 Byte) Kaktus Kaktusbluete Kaktusblüte Kaktee cactus
tulips_1.jpg (169671 Byte) tulip tulips tulpe flower free picture flow035.jpg (79178 Byte) orchid orchidee free download orchidea foto flow034.jpg (118116 Byte) orchid orchidee orchidea photo image flow025.jpg (106568 Byte) flowers blumen
rose-flower-g2.jpg (83302 Byte) flower rose flower_closeup-5g.jpg (62751 Byte) flower closeup macro flow026.jpg (108435 Byte) flower blume fleur flow036.jpg (127868 Byte)  sunflower sonnenblume girasole helianthe blumenfotos flowerphotos
2_roses_photo.jpg (85459 Byte) two roses dandelion_macro.jpg (123292 Byte) flower closeup sun-flower-h6.jpg (118868 Byte) sun flowers flow028.jpg (143769 Byte) foto fleur fiori blumen flowers photos
crocus_flower-k7.jpg (79682 Byte) flower foto pink-flower-vc6.jpg (122800 Byte) flower picture red-white-flowers-4s4.jpg (274194 Byte) flowers picture flow020.jpg (91915 Byte) Mohn poppy
red-yellow-flowers-kq.jpg (264192 Byte) flowers photos flowers-8ih6.jpg (247654 Byte) picture flowers sunflower-n8ik.jpg (107102 Byte) sun flower pic yellow-flowers-l9w.jpg (239219 Byte) flowers photos
water-lillies-x4dq.jpg (120895 Byte) water lilly flower water-lilly-s82w.jpg (130933 Byte) flower photo rose-in-glass.jpg (155464 Byte) rode in water glass rose-flower-9s.jpg (54713 Byte) rose picture
tulips-red-73.jpg (138204 Byte)tulips picture red-tulips-b6.jpg (69013 Byte) photo tulip tulips-yellow-n0.jpg (140347 Byte) tulips pic flowers-dk36.jpg (113413 Byte) flower blumen foto bild
flowers-ki9.jpg (83015 Byte) flowers picture yellow-flowers-j8v.jpg (98031 Byte) flowers image flower-a92k.jpg (151192 Byte) flower photo flower-bee-8j6.jpg (104254 Byte) photo flower bee
flower-01ue.jpg (100585 Byte) picture flower yellow-rose-7q1.jpg (97712 Byte) yellow rose picture bild flowers-m6g.jpg (106098 Byte) picture flower sun-flower-3k8d.jpg (163228 Byte) picture sunflower
blue-flower-n9.jpg (161992 Byte) flower photo blume bild red-flower-9h.jpg (129252 Byte) image flower bild blume sea-of-flowers-z.jpg (249237 Byte) flowers blumenwiese flowers-exposures.jpg (270212 Byte) multiple exposure
rose-sky-a3vg.jpg (120075 Byte) rosen himmel sunflowers-h6v.jpg (157075 Byte) flower-a0v1.jpg (144579 Byte) yellow flower picture flowers-yxc3.jpg (159969 Byte) tulips
roses-b7nq.jpg (112703 Byte) image rose sky flowers-ha3s.jpg (225485 Byte) flowers-j8z3.jpg (162636 Byte) flowers-8fy6.jpg (96344 Byte)
tulips-j8m7.jpg (127815 Byte) nature blue-yellow-8f.jpg (249786 Byte) flower-5ac.JPG (149341 Byte) plant-jb41.jpg (106425 Byte)
flower-al4x.jpg (150464 Byte) nature flower-r1o0.jpg (132418 Byte) colors flower-xi2k.jpg (184015 Byte) flower-yw1vq.jpg (158392 Byte) beatiful
flower-1he5.jpg (95156 Byte) white flower-2n3i.jpg (115295 Byte) blue flower-3vt1.jpg (122958 Byte) flower-4qlx.jpg (114005 Byte) yellow
flower-5yl2.jpg (139828 Byte) flower-6g8k.jpg (117205 Byte) flower-7am3.jpg (129068 Byte) flower-8n6s.jpg (145112 Byte)
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