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Background in photographs and web pages


This is a difficult topic for the average photographer to get right: at its best a background can give the subject of the picture context and greater meaning, but at its worst it can overwhelm the subject in the foreground and distract from the intended message of the image.
> We all know the feeling when you review your photograph and find, to your horror, a lamp post apparently growing out of your model’s head! The way to counteract this unwanted event is to consciously check the background in relation to the foreground, every time you are about to press the shutter.

If possible, reduce details in the background that make it too “busy” and which would draw the eye away and so distract from the main subject. At one end of the scale you can reduce the ‘depth of field’ and deliberately throw the background out of focus so that the subject is sharp and the background almost disappears. In this way you can make the subject really stand out. In landscape photography, however, the foreground, mid-ground and distance are all essential, so try to layer the image, keeping all parts of the image in focus: in this kind of photography the background could be as, or even more, important than the foreground.
On a web page, a background, also called ‘wallpaper’, can be a pattern, texture, or a normal picture, in fact anything that is used as a background, to place other images on or in front of it. There are millions of different types and styles of backgrounds to be found on the internet, since every website uses them in some form, even if just plain. Backgrounds are also used in presentations, for example using the Power Point programme, where the transparency of the background can be faded so as not to detract from the presentation content. In both cases it is important to make the wallpaper give a visual message in keeping with the tone of the whole web site. As with background music in a film, if the background to the image is too dominating, it can distract the viewer and reduce their enjoyment of the webpage.

back019.jpg (237501 Byte) background brickwall background_wall_002.jpg (317966 Byte) background wall background-wall.jpg (216097 Byte) free photo, background, wall wall-8v5t.JPG (122336 Byte) wall image
back015.jpg (404733 Byte) travertin stein stone back001.jpg (221623 Byte) background stones beach back009.jpg (332458 Byte) wood background back005.jpg (507998 Byte) background moos
background_yellow.jpg (262385 Byte) yellow background free pictures back004.jpg (427419 Byte) background stone back007.jpg (329573 Byte) background asphalt asfalt back010.jpg (290931 Byte) background textures
back014.jpg (373554 Byte) stones background back008.jpg (353534 Byte) background tree background-grey-wall.jpg (310407 Byte) grey wall background picture back003.jpg (450015 Byte) stonewall background
background-parquet.jpg (204859 Byte) background parquet, parkett background-roof-tile-2.jpg (212738 Byte) roof tile background free photo back011.jpg (237645 Byte) brickstones background back012.jpg (305132 Byte) stone wall background
back017.jpg (330046 Byte) background stone background-red-kbd.jpg (183494 Byte) background red background_veneer.jpg (234705 Byte) veneer, background, free photos back006.jpg (414046 Byte) cobble-stone pavement
background_leaves.jpg (292092 Byte) leaves wood backround back013.jpg (310932 Byte) background granite gravel-background-7f3.jpg (245176 Byte) texture stones-background.jpg (258632 Byte) stones background free pic
background_brick_wall.jpg (265204 Byte) brick wall background, free pick wood-splinter-4g2.jpg (200285 Byte) wood splinter wall-background-h29.jpg (286151 Byte) wall background sand-background.jpg (175861 Byte) sand beach texture free pic
back016.jpg (155171 Byte) marble background stones background_red-l9d.jpg (196831 Byte) red texture photo leafs-nh6.jpg (186160 Byte) texture background_stones_3.jpg (227951 Byte) stones background, free pictures
plastic-ha2q.jpg (148740 Byte) texture wall-g9n2.jpg (100425 Byte) texture wall-o3hc.jpg (286310 Byte) texture wall-y0o1.jpg (410054 Byte) texture
texture-8i4r.jpg (170888 Byte) background photo texture-yew8.jpg (254937 Byte) tree texture-k8t1.jpg (134744 Byte) chair texture-a51g.jpg (183070 Byte) grid
texture-o0e2.jpg (268705 Byte) stones-texture-5cj.jpg (229469 Byte) travertin-b5g.jpg (259314 Byte) background background-chair-w6x.jpg (150502 Byte)
background-wall-6e1.jpg (263275 Byte) stones background-htb7.jpg (190824 Byte) background-g5t.jpg (299421 Byte) granite background-tree-f0q.jpg (333267 Byte)
texture-s3vf.jpg (184209 Byte) wall-vp1.jpg (94537 Byte) background texture-in7a.jpg (108621 Byte) door texture-a9b3.jpg (166924 Byte) wall house
wall-u3r.jpg (149002 Byte) texture texture-1le1.jpg (196891 Byte) wall texture-wall-h6.jpg (243042 Byte) texture-a0l1.jpg (366098 Byte) rock
wall-z7v2.jpg (310358 Byte) texture wall-ylr8.jpg (392558 Byte) wall-c9w0.jpg (248626 Byte) texture-v72n.jpg (361632 Byte)
stones-texture-c6q.jpg (229758 Byte) photo stones-wall-e9w1.jpg (144818 Byte) free texture-1k2.jpg (174154 Byte) texture-wall-f6w.jpg (395366 Byte) image
wall-xmf6.jpg (97762 Byte) green wall-fv6h.jpg (346508 Byte) wall-ha0q.jpg (305683 Byte) wall-stones-v8j.jpg (217211 Byte)
floor-h2x8.jpg (360762 Byte) wall-3q9f.jpg (286931 Byte) wall-g72k.jpg (304417 Byte) wall-gy7j.jpg (197997 Byte)
texture-4m2s.jpg (201581 Byte) texture-8w1l.jpg (261473 Byte) wood texture-green-t8w.jpg (214055 Byte) texture-a82b.jpg (287577 Byte)
brick-wall-t62.jpg (130430 Byte) texture floor-d8m3.jpg (260949 Byte) stones roof-5ci.jpg (220932 Byte) background sack-u3n8.jpg (302260 Byte)
texture-61hv.jpg (75104 Byte) wall-h3ay.jpg (140460 Byte) wall-i3w.jpg (187661 Byte) wall-z9x2.jpg (105605 Byte)
cane-chair-it2.jpg (165358 Byte) marble-u7n1.jpg (82339 Byte) wall-ol2k.jpg (167222 Byte) wall-vc1e.jpg (196892 Byte)
wall-9e1m.jpg (239867 Byte) wall-49ek.jpg (263285 Byte) wall-cx7.jpg (84818 Byte) wall-j8tq.jpg (254509 Byte)
texture-5ql8.jpg (126633 Byte) texture-6a3.jpg (245359 Byte) texture-g5a1.jpg (268401 Byte) texture-xay7.jpg (232283 Byte)
glass-wall-vq9.jpg (95743 Byte) texture-fc7h.jpg (248167 Byte) texture-ylq8.jpg (365435 Byte) wall-9vq8.jpg (220908 Byte)
fibreboard-6qi.jpg (178181 Byte) green wal-b4ai.jpg (229160 Byte) wall-b01u.jpg (264090 Byte) old paint wall-f71y.jpg (185332 Byte) lines
curtain-h4q.jpg (131700 Byte) yellow floor-c8m4.jpg (278998 Byte) wall-v4u1.jpg (232423 Byte) wall-vc8e.jpg (111767 Byte)
floor-bq1.jpg (247465 Byte) wall-vzw1.jpg (199423 Byte) wall-xon5.jpg (107650 Byte) colors wall-y92m.jpg (262364 Byte)
concrete-h1o.jpg (329410 Byte) texture wall-5qp.jpg (259042 Byte) wall-b5qa.jpg (256250 Byte) wall-fyi3.jpg (226306 Byte)


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