Davis Cup Trophy  

Tennis Trophy

You have to be at least a little bit interested in tennis to appreciate this next pair of images for the game of finding the difference. If you aren’t you won’t know that the Davis Cup is the trophy for the winning country in the most important international team event in men’s tennis. Davis Cup is a knock-out competition that in 2016 had 135 countries taking part (not all at once). It’s been going since 1900, when it began as a tennis tournament between Britain and the USA. Since then the USA has won it 32 times, Australia 28 times and Great Britain 10.

The actual Davis Cup spends a lot of its time on tour to tennis venues in diferent countries, hence the chance to photograph it. The trophy was designed and made in America in 1899, at a cost of $1,000 USD; it got its name becasuse a lawn tennis player at Harvard, Dwight F. Davis, set up the first tournament and donated the trophy himself.