cross country skiing  

Cross country skiing

Our spot-the-difference picture game this time shows cross country skiers enjoying a trip in the sun along a frozen river bank. Downhill skiing is probably more familiar to those who take skiing holidays in central Europe and America, but cross country skiing is popular in Scandinavia and in other parts of the world. Many ski resorts now have large numbers of way-marked cross country routes, and it can be a good way of getting away from th hustle and bustle of ski lifts and queues of people, to experience nature in the Winter. The main difference between cross country and downhill skiing is that you have to be able to make progress on the flat and even uphill, so skis are longer and bindings allow the heel of each foot to lift off the ski as you take a step forward. But if it’s cold and you don’t fancy going out, you can always amuse yourself with this puzzle!

Picture: Rothenthurm, Switzerland