Magnus Carlsen  

Chess Champion Magnus Calrsen

Pictures for our photo observation game this time show a man who is a champion in his own discipline, which is maybe a more complex game than spotting the difference in a pair of images – chess. The photo was taken at the Zürich Chess Challenge, 2014, which was won by the man in the picture, Magnus Carlsen of Norway.
The annual Zürich tournament starts with 5 rounds of Blitz Chess to decide the draw, then 5 rounds of Classical Chess which is the main event, followed by 5 rounds of Rapid Chess on the last day. In 2014, the first two competitions saw the same players placed first and second: Carlsen won both and was 1st in the whole tournament, followed by Levon Aronian of Armenia. Fabiano Caruana of Italy came third in Classical Chess and won Rapid Chess; Hikaru Nakamura of the USA was 3rd in Blitz, 4th in Classical, and 2nd in Rapid Chess.

Magnus Carlsen is the current world champion (2016) and was already a grandmaster at the age of 13 (he was born in Norway in1990). Some of the same qualities that made him a winner in chess will be useful to you in our photo game: experience, concentration, observation, and an ability to predict what the person offering the challenge might do. Who knows, you could end up a grandmaster of spotting the difference!