Pretty as a picture

Sometimes the simplest picture offers the most challenge for ‘spot the difference’ fans! These spring flowers make a beautiful show, but the image is ‘busy’ and the change is subtle.
The red tulips dominating the group of flowers reminds me of the curious ‘Dutch Tulip Bulb Market Bubble’ in the early 17th century. The tulip was highly prized, having been brought to Europe from present day Turkey only in the middle of the previous century. By 1636 a kind of tulip mania had gripped Holland, and people traded rare tulips on the Stock Exchange, until the rarest ones were worth as much as six times the average Dutch annual income at the time. Inevitably, after one year the bubble burst, prices dropped and many people who had sold their possessions to gamble on the stock market lost everything.
However the photo trial of observation skills is free!