police car  

Swiss Polizei

If you have difficulty finding the difference between these two images of a Swiss Police car, please do not call 117 – the police number in Switzerland which should only be used in a real emergency. (The number for the fire service is 118, and call 144 if someone needs an ambulance.)
Fortunately the word for ‘police’ in most European languages is sufficiently similar to be recognisable to all: ‘Polizei’, as in the photo, is German; French and English is ‘Police’; in Spanish it’s ‘Policia’ and in Italian, ‘Polizia’. One of the least recognisable words for police in Europe is the Welsh ‘Yrheddlu’, and of course, languages that use a different script, like Serbian or Russian, do not make their meaning immediately plain to other Romance or Germanic origin language speakers.
For our picture game, the photo of the police car was taken in the canton of Lucerne (‘Luzern’).