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Croatia sailing tours

The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is known as the land of a thousand islands, but the tourist boat in the picture we are using for our game of spotting differences in photos, is just one of many thousands. Most of them, like the one pictured, are just offering day cruises, but there are also plenty of companies doing sailing holidays of one or two weeks in boats similar to this but with cabins. One company on the Dalmatian coast has seventeen different flotilla routes in its brochure. Flotilla sailing is where you are sailing the boat yourself, but in company with a number of other boats; Bareboat charter holidays are where you rent a boat and sail it yourself on your own – you have to produce evidence of sailing experience first; finally, skippered sailing holidays are when you pay a daily rate to have an experienced skipper alongside you for all or part of your holiday – you can do as much or as little hands-on sailing as you choose: the skipper will be making sure you and your guests are safe. As well as paying the skipper’s fee, you have to provide a cabin for them and their food and drink while they are on board. The best departure points for sailing holidays described above are probably Split, Dubrovnik or Opatija – from there you can explore the many beautiful islands in the azure blue Adriatic . And if you can’t go now, you can dream of a trip in the future while you try to spot the difference in the pair of images.......