The Old Royal Palace in Athens

 The neoclassical Old Royal Palace, now the home of the Greek Parliament in Athens, has a satisfying symmetry and makes a suitable image for the spot-the-difference game. Although classically Greek in style, the building was designed by a Bavarian architect, Friedrich von Gärtner, in 1836. King Otto, the son of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, was the first Greek monarch to live there, and the palace remained the royal family’s home for nearly a hundred years, until the Greek monarchy was abolished in 1924. (It was restored in 1935, but by then the palace had been taken over by parliament.)

Before the Greek parliament took it over in 1929, the Old Royal Palace acted as a shelter for Greek refugees and as a museum, and during the Second World War the building briefly became a hospital.

If you are going to Athens, you will find the Old Royal Palace on Syntagma Square in the centre of the modern Greek capital. But you won’t be able to go inside, as the parliament building is not open to the public, even when parliament is not sitting.
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