Airport men at work

Zurich Airport, pre-flight. You may never have considered how many people contribute to your safe flight when you go on holiday or travel the world on business. This photo in our piicture observation skill test of two airport workers in high visibility waistcoats, is a reminder that behind the pilots and flight attendants stands an army of employees making the aviation system work well, at least most of the time. Those with ‘customer facing’ jobs on the check-in desk or in security searches may be familiar enough to the passengers, and we all need the shop and restaurant workers to keep us entertained and fed while we wait for our flights, and the taxi drivers and car park attendants who enable us to get to and from the terminals. But you seldom see the people who clean the planes between flights, re-fuel them, and carry out safety checks before take-off; and you probably rarely give a thought to the vital work of air traffic control, which can manage flights landing and taking off every minute or so at busy airports. The workers who prepare your in-flight meal, and the others who load it on board might as well be fairies, for all you know of them. Baggage handlers probably only enter your consciousness when your suitcase doesn’t arrive at your destination, or when they are on strike and you have to carry on your bag yourself. Next time you fly, you might like to look around you with observant eyes, and see how many jobs are being done to keep us all in the air, safely and on time !