ETH Zürich  

Imposing Entrance to a great Swiss University

ETH is the Swiss Federal Intitute of Technology (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule), in Zürich, and this picture shows its grand entrance to the Main Building from Rämistrasse. ETH is consistently ranked the top university in continental Europe, among the very best in the world, and it offers courses in architecture, Landscape Architecture , and Urban Planning and Design, so perhaps it is worthy of this powerful neo-classical style of building. The Zentrum campus was constructed in 1864, and a Professor of Architecture at ETH acted as the architect; his name was Gottfried Semper and he was influenced by Italian classical architects Palladio of Venice and Bramante, but developed a building style all of his own. Hopefully the image makes a good subject on which to test your ability to spot the difference?
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