Zurich Marathon  

Marathon Men (and Women)

The colourful start of a marathon makes a challenging image for the just-for-fun photo observation game.
In 2014, the European Athletics Championships were held in Zürich, Switzerland - the first time since 1954 that the championships had been held in that country. The men’s marathon was won by Daniele Meucci of Italy, with Yared Shegumo of Poland second, and Aleksey Reunkov of Russia third ; the women’s marathon was won by Christelle Daunay of France, Valeria Straneo of Italy came second, and Jessica Augusto of Portugal was third.
Marathon Facts:
The official marathon distance is 42.195km (26 miles 385 yards).
Over 500 marathons a year are held throughout the world.
Tens of thousand of runners take part in some of the larger city marathons.
Recreational runners are usually sponsored, raising millions for charity.
The world record for the marathon (2hours 2 minutes and 20 seconds) was set by Kenyan Dennis Kimetto in 2014.
For a recreational runner, any time below 4 hours is a good achievement.
In 2016, British stand-up comic Eddie Izzard completed 27 marathons in 27 days, raising over $1m for the charity Sport Relief.
The original marathon was run by a Greek soldier from the Battle of Marathon, to bring the news of the defeat of the Persians to Athens.
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