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Banned from the Chelsea Flower Show; Popular in Germany

We’re talking Garden Gnomes in this edition of the ‘spotting differences in images’ game. There are around 80 million people in Germany, and an estimated 25 million garden gnomes. They have had plenty of time to build up the numbers of these little humanoid garden statues, since they started making them in Germany in 1841. Although gnomes were introduced into England by 1847, they are not universally popular, especially with serious gardeners : they are banned at Chelsea, the top flower show in the country, usually attended by the Queen.
The photo was taken in Switzerland, which was well known in the 19th century for making wooden statues of gnomes at the town of Brienz. More recently, ‘Gnomes of Zurich’ was a rather insulting term for Swiss bankers, when they were thought to have too much power in the European economy.
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