Crowds at Buochs Airport

This was a great opportunity to get a shot of a whole lot of people for our differences spotting game, because they all had their backs to the camera! Buochs is a town in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden, and its regional airport is the responsibility of the Swiss Airforce – it can quickly revert to being a military airfield in time of need, such as a war. Next to Buochs Airport is the factory of Pilatus Aircraft, which makes Switzerland’s war planes and uses the 2,000 metre runway for test flights. (Pilatus jets are also used by the Swiss national aerobatic team.)
The photograph was taken on “Swiss National Day”, and what the crowd of aviation enthusiasts had come to see was the roll-out of the Pilatus PC-24, a “super versatile” twin-engine business jet. The priority was to build a plane that could operate from short and rough landing strips, e.g. in the Third World; would have as much cabin room as possible; and a top speed of 700 to 800 km per hour. Some experts were doubtful if this spec could be achieved, but after its first flight on 11th May 2015, they had to admit the PC-24 was going to be a success.
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