Lake Geneva Steam Boat

 A nice head-on shot of the steamboat of the belle epoque, the Savoie. The picture was taken from the town of Nyon on the Swiss shore, and the mountains in the background are in France. We have used this charming photo for the next tell-the-difference game, so you can try your skill.
The Savoie is the pride of the Lake Geneva fleet operated by CGN, and in the summer, as well as day cruises, it offers a two hour lunch trip and fondue and dinner cruises from June to September. This historic vessel
is a paddle steamer, of which CGN has four more from the belle epoque (1871 to 19140, the Montreux, La Suisse, the Simplon and the Rhône and a further three awaiting restoration. Steam enthusiasts can admire the Savoie’s working engine during the excursion, thanks to a glass deck and some closed-circuit cameras.
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