Lake Lucerne beach

 The scene on the beach at Lucerne in summer makes a difficult subject for our picture game. It can be hot in the city at this time of year, and then people flock to the shore at lunch time or after work to cool off in the clear water, and maybe seek the shade of one of the colourful beach umbrellas.
This beach is close to the Nationalquai, which is also where you find the delightful Seebad Luzern (in German). This is a historic wooden lido or bathing place, first built here in 1885, and recently restored. The Seebad is reached by a bridge from the shore, and inside are two pools of lake water and wooden changing rooms. If you wish you can pass over the structure and swim in the open lake by going down some steps. Also on the floating complex are a café and bar, with a roof terrace to sunbathe or sit in the shade, and the opportunity to have a massage or do some yoga. The lido is open from May to September, and although the swimming baths close at 20.00, the bar stays open until after midnight.
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