Nuclear Power Station

 This photo for our fun test of your powers of observation is of the Gösgen nuclear power plant at Däniken in Switzerland. The installation was first planned in 1970, and began to produce electricity for the grid in 1979. The nuclear reactor was supplied by the German company, Kraftwerk. It now produces 8,000 GWh of electricity a year.
In the foreground of the picture is the single 150 metre (492 feet) high cooling tower, which uses natural draught to cool the water coming from the steam turbine from 36˚C to 22 °C. A small amount of the steam is used by a cardboard factory downstream, and more exits the cooling tower by the characteristic plume seen at the top.
The nuclear reactor is housed in the dome shaped building in the background; apart from the red and white industrial chimney, everything else in the photo is part of getting the power onto the national grid.
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