Horses waiting on Raten Pass

The picture for this edition of our photo game of observational skill was taken at the top of the Raten Pass in Switzerland, as horses waited for their passengers, who were presumably in the restaurant nearby. Perhaps a family had hired the horse-drawn sled for a special occasion, or maybe it was a firm having a corporate day out?
A little research later revealed that the horses belonged to the amazing Nussbaumer family of Oberägeri, who operate a horse-drawn vehicle hire business. Nine people work in this family business, and they have various vehicles apart from the sled, which has wheels as well as runners, so the driver can change the rig to suit road conditions. You could hire a replica Wild West stagecoach, in which case the driver and staff come in cowboy outfits; or a traditional Landauer for your wedding; there are two sizes of vehicle for corporate outings, depending on the size of your party, which can be up to 18, or 12 if you want to go up a mountain. The Nussbaumers have at least six horses, who are rather charmingly pictured and named on their website, and they make and maintain all their carriages themselves.
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