Cadillac at vintage car show, Zug, Switzerland

The Cadillac is surely the most archetypally American car ever built. It’s big, it’s brash, and it has been the subject of popular songs, from Slick Black Cadillac, (by 1980s band Quiet Riot), to Pink Cadillac (by Bruce Springsteen). And that’s not to mention the solid gold Cadillac formerly owned by Elvis. The convertible is ideal for the Californian climate, and allows you to be seen for the cool dude you are!
But what may surprise you is that the name originates, not in the good old US of A, but in, well, France! In fact Cadillac is a medieval walled town in the Gironde river region of southwest France. It came to be the name of America’s ultimate brand of motor car because it was from there that the French explorer who founded Detroit in 1701, set off, taking the name along for the ride.