Horse jumping  


Can you find a difference between these two pictures of a horse jumping event in Zug, Switzerland? Riders race against the clock but have to balance speed with accuracy, since there are penalties (called ’faults‘ in English) for any bits of the jump that are knocked to the floor. This is one of the three Equestrian sports in the Summer Olympics, which are called Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. It is a good example of a sport that can be followed at every level, from village fêtes and country shows, right up to elite international competition. In England they sometimes call these jumping competitions ’Gymkhana‘, which is an Urdu word from India, originally meaning the place where sports were carried out. Even quite small children often take part in ’gymkhanas‘, which seems very brave when the horse and the jumps are so big, and the rider so small!
A much safer sport is finding the difference in our pictures.