Living room  

The Empty Room

An empty room – empty of people, that is; it is fairly full of ‘things‘ - makes a tricky subject in our photo observation game, just because of the number of possessions on show. In our modern way of life, it sometimes seems as if we are becoming swamped by our possessions, yet we seem to ‘need‘ them all – or at least we don’t want to part with them. It is for this reason that in Western countries a new industry has grown up, which offers to store your goods in containers: you can go and look at them – people do – but you pay to keep them there because your home can’t accommodate them all.

I once knew a man who moved house every two years, on principle. I asked him if it wasn’t a drag having to pack all his things up so often. “Oh no,“ he said, “we just throw everything away and start again. Otherwise, when you die, someone else has to dispose of a lifetime of your possessions!“

Good luck spotting the difference in this pair of images of just some of my stuff....