Limmatschwimmen, Zurich

A difficult photo subject for finding the difference is this view of swimmers enjoying a dip in the relatively clean (for a European city) River Limmat in Zürich. Swimming is allowed in the Limmat only in certain parts which have little boat traffic, and even there it is advisable to be a good swimmer and wear a colourful cap so that any boats that do passs can see you. In our picture many people carry bright yellow floats in the form of blow up dolphins which help support you in the water as well as making you more visible.

River swimming in Zürich is so popular that numerous facilities exist to make it easier, in the form of protected swimming channels, for example, such as the 400m one at Flussbad Oberer Letten, which even has a diving board, or another at Unteren Letten which has a safety screen to prevent the current carrying you away. There are women-only facilities at Seebad Enge on Lake Zürich, or in the river right in the old town at the Frauenbadi – Zürich’s oldest bathing facility, an Art Nouveau structure dating from 1837. At night a lot of these bathing establishments turn into trendy wine bars.