Trees of Life

This picture of trees old and new, which makes a good subject for the game of finding the difference in images made with a camera, was taken in front of the apartments on Hofstrasse in the town of Zug, Switzerland. The photo suggested itself because of the iconic symbloism of the two trees, one recently massacred by the tree surgeon, and one planted to replace it, only a short time ago. Everything in nature that is alive has a natural lifespan, and the old must give way to, and be replaced by, the young. This should not be a matter of regret, but of acceptance of the natural order of things – after all, you can’t have evolution without death. Shakespeare has his character, King Lear, say when considering death: “Ripeness is all“; that is, you can’t choose the time of your death, but being ready when it comes is the whole art of living well. The 20th century English poet, Philip Larkin, in his poem ‘Reference Back‘j expresses the view that humans are not really suited to the element they have to live in, i.e. time. Time just makes people aware of what they have lost, he says.

Two caterpillars were talking on an oak tree. One said, “I’ve heard a rumour that this tree is growing.“ “No,“ said the other. “I’ve lived round here my whole life and I can tell you not a thing has changed.“

Enjoy competing with your friends to see who can spot the difference first!