Shoe store  

Shoe Shop Monster

This picture of a 3-D model of a walking boot outside the Schuhmode shoe shop in Langstrasse, Zürich, suggests their symbol might frighten small children and give them nightmares, rather than attracting crowds inside. First of all the boot is a sickly yellow colour, then it has teeth and an unattractive tongue, just where your foot goes. Then, as you look closer, what’s happened to the foot inside? It seems to have been amputated at the ankle. No doubt this is an ancient trade symbol, which looks as if it is made of wood, and the shop is proud of its traditional sign. And perhaps Swiss children are used to such displays, and are made of sterner stuff than to be frightened by an old carving. But I can’t help thinking, if I were the proprietor, I would take it down for a year and see if sales improved. Enjoy finding the difference in the images, anyway!