Camera men  

Camera Operator

 The picture for this edition of the observation game is of cameramen at the ski World Cup event in St Moritz, Switzerland. The photo was taken as they were setting up for a day’s filming of the programme of downhill races, and, as you can see in the picture, some cameras are fixed on tripods and some are ‘hand-held‘ (though actually on the shoulder) for greater flexibility and the ability to go anywhere, as well as offering a more immediate and exciting view of the skiing.
‘Camera operators‘, as they are more properly called, are often self-employed and hired by the film or TV company as and when they are needed. They have usually started by being an assistant or trainee camera operator, and in an industry where practical skills are often more important than academic qualifications, they will have demonstrated that they have the qualities needed, like enthusiasm, stamina, patience, and the ability to stay calm in a moment of crisis. Colour blindness will probably exclude you from the job, and it goes without saying that a mastery of the techniques of film-making is essential. Some sports filming is done from extremely high ‘cherry-pickers‘, so a head for heights and an ability to stand isolation and cold would be essential.