Downtown, USA

A symbol of the global influence of American culture is surely the McDonald’s drive-thru, seen here in an anonymous town in the USA, but probably available in some form in nearly every country of the world, perhaps with the exception of North Korea. That other symbol of freedom, the private motor car, is also much in evidence in the photo, which we are using in this latest photo observation game.
McDonald’s, the world’s largest “hamburger chain”, claims to serve around 68 million customers a day worldwide. Only about 15% of McDonald’s 36,000 burger bars are directly owned by the company: the rest are franchised fast food restaurants, for which the franchisee pays a fee and in some cases rent for the property. So universal is McDonald’s presence throughout the world, that the Economist newspaper uses McDonald’s ‘Big Mac’ as a unit of currency in comparing the cost of living in different countries. According to their ‘Big Mac Index 2015’, Switzerland had the most expensive Big Mac in the world, and India the cheapest.
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