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Author Suffering for his Theory

A photo-game picture with a difference – a unique view of the writer of ‘The Antarctic Diet’, Dudo Erny, testing his theory on himself.
The idea behind the diet is that exercising in a cold climate is a faster way to lose weight. The book refers to the tragic Polar expedition of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, where the ill-fated explorers lost weight as an unwanted side effect of the cold in their terrible race to the South Pole in 1912.
In his book, the author claims to have lost 7 kg in one winter by exercising gently outside in Switzerland for only five to eight hours a week.
And what was the effect of his run in the cold chamber at -80 C˚? You’ll have to read the book to find out. It’s available online at Books on Demand, at other stores in hardback and paperback, and as an ebook at Amazon.
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