Tour de Suisse  

The Tour de Suisse cycle race

The Tour de Suisse is an event that really makes an effort to attract and entertain its spectators. On the start weekend a Bike Expo is put on in the city of Zug, with everything a cycling enthusiast could want being exhibited. Then an hour before the start of the race a caravan follows the route, handing out merchandise and flyers to the waiting crowds.
But if that sounds a bit too ‘retail-oriented’ for you, how about riding the race route ahead of the official tour? You can enter on your own or with a team, and just a few hours later you can compare your time with some of the best riders in the world. You’d only be cheating a little bit if you told your friends you had ridden in the fourth largest Tour in the world…..
(The photo shows an unusual start venue for the stage from Meilen – it’s from a car ferry!)
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