Montreal’s Haunted House Restaurant

La Maison Hantee (‘The Haunted House’) in the French-speaking city of Montreal in Canada, is a restaurant like no other, and offers a night out such as most of us will probably never experience. You can’t choose your own food, and you have to turn up at the time they tell you and assemble in the bar. Then you are taken through the haunted maze in near darkness, escorted by actors dressed as ghosts, ghouls, and zombies, past tableaux of coffins, skulls and other haunted house paraphernalia. Eventually you reach your table but the surprises are not over because from time to time during the meal lights go on and off and you are harassed by monsters and witches. Some call it the scariest and some the coolest restaurant in town, but obviously it is popular because if you don’t book in advance you won’t get in!
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