United Take-off

 A United Airways jet takes off from the Heliport (runways 16 – 34) at Zurich Airport. “United”, as it is universally known, is an airline of superlatives: an American airline based in Chicago, it flies to more different destinations than any other airline in the world. Since 1994 United has been owned by its employees – the largest such corporation in the world. In 2010 United merged with Continental Airlines to form the world’s largest carrier.

Photographing aeroplanes is relatively easy at Zurich compared to most airports; most of the year the authorities are relaxed about the presence of visitors. Plane spotters and photographers like to go over to the Heliport in the early afternoon, when the sun is behind you and large planes are taking off from runway 16. Then you can get great pictures with an ordinary camera or mobile phone.
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