Swiss festival of Bäckermöhli in Zug

 Bäckermöhli is one of several annual festivals in the Central Swiss city of Zug which are held from the third Wednesday in January on to celebrate the end of winter. This one is organised by the Guilds of Millers, Bakers and Confectioners. After the guildsmen hold their church service and have a dinner, the children begin to assemble, calling out “Bäckermöhli, Bäckermöhli”. Then the bakers go to their shops and distribute bread rolls, sausages and oranges free to local children from their upstairs windows.
The photo shows one of the principal restaurants taking part, Aklin (to the right of Fischmart, which is also involved, as you can see); the Hotel Ochsen, a short distance away in Kolinplatz, also distributes bakers’ gifts from its windows.
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