Anger 1, Erfurt  

Anger 1

The picture for our observation game this time may mean something different to you, depending on whether you are a native English–speaker or not! If you are, then no, it’s not a place where you go to work off your temper after something in modern life has annoyed you. And maybe it’s a warning not to assume every word that looks like your language IS in your language: for ’Anger 1‘ is, in fact, a shopping mall in Erfurt, Germany. ’Anger 1‘ (the A is pronounced like the second a in ’appartment‘) is housed in an architecturally fascinating, historic building. There are exclusive shops of all kinds from bakers and butchers, to designer clothes, shoes and sports wear. Bang and Olufsen, Bench, Camp David and Esprit are just some of the high class manufacturers with goods on sale here. And of course there are restaurants and cafes as well.