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Miscellaneous photos

‘Miscellaneous’ usually means “we can’t see any way of classifying or grouping these items, otherwise we would do it!” And indeed, in these 27 photo galleries you'll find pictures which don't fit into a specific category but can be used to connect to, or illustrate, various themes.
There are some really interesting and potentially very useful photographs displayed here for free download, but it takes time to find the one that will be of use to you, out of the hundreds of images available.

The photography topic written about on each page is independent of the pictures below it: use the contents list on this page to navigate to the topic you are interested in.

Miscellaneous Pictures
To give you a start, a few photos from each page are mentioned below; the ‘Highlight’ is just one image that particularly appealed to me: yours will be different. Enjoy browsing!

photos 1, History of Photography (1) every day objects in close-up. Highlight: a leafless tree against a darkening sky.
photos 2, History of Photography (2) unusual landscapes and close-ups. Highlight: chess pieces in silhouette.
photos 3, History of Photography (3) common objects from feet to computer accessories. Highlight: steam in a clear sky.
photos 4, History of Photography (4) cartoon type characters. Highlight: a line of reindeer in the snow.
photos 5, History of Photography (5) patterns in spider’s web and chequer board. Highlight: vapour trails in a purple sky.
photos 6, Photographic Technology pattern and texture – shells, roof tiles and leaves. Highlight: the range of colours.
photos 7, Sensors, Memory cards close-ups of spectacles, and games and toys. Highlight: winter pictures.
photos 8, Perspective,  Zoom textures and patterns of natural objects. Highlight: firework sparklers.
photos 9, Stock Photography a Peace banner and a sunset. Highlights: close-ups of random objects.
photos 10, Digital Camera, End of Film coins and dollar bills. Highlights: a sunset and ice floes on a lake.
photos 11, SLR Camera patterns in nature. Highlight: the play of light on simple objects.
photos 12, Four Thirds, Bridge patterns of man-made objects. Highlight: cut logs in a log pile.
photos 13, Camera shake, Composition, Light varied landscapes and seascapes. Highlight: supermarket trolley park.
photos 14, Fill the frame, Add scale, Give depth sea and sky views. Highlight: dark trees on a hill against a lighter sky.
photos 15, Add movement, Stop down groups of colourful objects. Highlight: a park bench on the shore between trees.
photos 16, Portraits, Experiment  patterns of light on random objects. Highlight: dog jumping in water.
photos 17, Photo agencies comical children’s characters. Highlight: line of white boulders on a shore.
photos 18, History of Digital Photography pattern in natural objects. Highlight: an entirely yellow bike.
photos 19, Professional Photographer street signs and street furniture Highlight: scrap cars piled up.
photos 20, Photo Competitions the interplay of pattern, light and colour. Highlight: a mosaic circle.  
photos 21, Photography Magazines  cartoon figures and faces. Highlight: breaking wave in a van’s rear window.  
photos 22, Ansel Adams a variety of man-made shapes. Highlight: rusting tank tracks.  
photos 23, Henri Cartier-Bresson windows in buildings. Highlight: parachute beside a vapour trail.  
photos 24, Richard Avedon long views and close-ups. Highlight: mountains from an aeroplane window.  
photos 25, Robert Capa street sculpture and natural landscapes. Highlight: fungi on a tree trunk.  
photos 26, Robert Mapplethorpe funny figures of people and animals. Highlight: rocky mountain above the clouds.  
photos 27, Margareth Bourke-White colour in signs and symbols. Highlight: the winding river of light.  
photos 28, Baby portraits Baby photography requires both skill and creativity. How to enhance Baby Portraits with Adobe Lightroom.  
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