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Switzerland; Travel information and Pictures.


Switzerland has it all. Alpine grandeur reflected in shimmering lakes between verdant valleys with a scattering of chic cities. It has the Eiger, Matterhorn, one of the last Alpine peaks to be climbed, and Piz Palü on the Italian border. It offers a wide range of winter and summer sports, from easy to exacting. The less energetic can take Europe's highest mountain railway to the Jungfraujoch and the only UNESCO World Natural Heritage in the Alps. This is the ‘Top of Europe’ at 3,454 metres and offers stunning views as far as the Vosges in France and Germany’s Black Forest. A trip to this wonderland of snow, ice and rock is the highlight of any holiday in Switzerland.
Jungfraujoch, Switzerland For skiing and snowboarding, Switzerland has some of the best resorts in the world and can suit everyone from Beginners and Families to Expert Skiers. St Luc, for example, part of the Sierre-Anniviers ski area is a traditional village 1500m above the Rhone. The skiing is ideal for Beginners and Intermediate level, and because of the height of the resort it is possible to ski right down to the village. A resort more suitable for Expert Skiers and snowboarders, while still catering well for Intermediate levels, is Davos in the Riga Park Area. It has pistes above 2500 metres so skiing is possible throughout the season. Davos is a large town and the lifts can carry 64,400 skiers an hour! There are over 180 ski resorts in Switzerland, so there is bound to be one to suit you...
But if skiing is not your thing, you can still enjoy the Swiss winter on foot. From Switzerland Tourism you can download to your phone the Swiss Winter Hike App, which gives access to descriptions of 36 attractive winter hikes, with information about restaurants along each route.
This is also culture country and the Benedictine Abbey in the city of St Gallen, with its magnificent Stift Library, the oldest in Switzerland and open to the public every day, are veritable treasure troves. Medieval castles, fortresses and photogenic palaces abound in Switzerland. One with a most incredible setting is Tarasp Castle in the Upper Engadine. Perched on a rock with villages and a lake below, and snow covered high peaks above, it was fully restored from an 11th century ruin in 1916 and is now open to visitors.

Rated top attraction in Switzerland by tourists is Lake Geneva, a scenic mountain lake feeding the Rhone river with magnificent views in winter and summer. Geneva itself is expensive but has numerous cultural attractions. Among the newest is the CERN particle physics laboratory, where the visitor to the permanent exhibitions (open daily except Sundays) can peep into the fascinating world of the great questions of contemporary physics, such as the Big Bang Theory.

Switzerland has many other outstanding cities to visit like Zurich, the ‘metropolis of experiences’ with a view of the Alps; or Basel on the Rhine and in the corner of the country close to Germany and France, and therefore traditional and open-minded at the same time; and Lausanne, a university and convention town on Lake Geneva.

Old traditions - rustic and rugged - live side-by-side with top trends and technology. Yes, there really is chocolate, cheese & cuckoo clocks. Not to forget the legendary Swiss watch and trains that actually turn up on time! Oh yes, stunning Switzerland has all this and much more.

switzerland_003_luzern.jpg (186440 Byte) Switzerland, Kappellbrücke, Luzern, Suisse luzern_loewenwdenkmal.jpg (196114 Byte) Switzerland, Loewendenkmal, Luzern switzerland_001_luzern.jpg (248921 Byte) Switzerland,  Luzern, Lucerne, Vierwaldstättersee alps-switzerland-p0.jpg (241725 Byte) switzerland alps alpen foto bild
switzerland_002_luzern.jpg (196148 Byte) Switzerland, Luzern, Lucerne, Schweiz, Vierwaldstättersee kuessnacht_am_rigi.jpg (139068 Byte) Switzerland, Kuessnacht am Rigi switzerland_031_pilatus.jpg (145319 Byte) Switzerland, Pilatus, Vierwaldstaettersee switzerland_016_zuerich.jpg (213642 Byte) Switzerland, Tram, Zuerich, Schweiz
switzerland_021_zuerich.jpg (194319 Byte) Switzerland, Zuerich, Limmat, River zuerich_limmat.jpg (171084 Byte) Zuerich Zürich, Limmat, Switzerland, Schweiz botanical-garden.jpg (286763 Byte) Switzerland, botanical garden, Botanischer Garten, Schweiz chur_switzerland.jpg (218412 Byte) Switzerland,  Chur
switzerland_009_schaffhausen.jpg (201419 Byte) Switzerland, Schaffhausen switzerland_008_rheinfall.jpg (170337 Byte) Switzerland, Rheinfall, Schaffhausen, Schweiz switzerland_007_rheinfall.jpg (167514 Byte) Switzerland, Rheinfall, Schaffhausen, Suisse switzerland_006_aarau.jpg (149860 Byte) Switzerland, Aarau, Schweiz
switzerland_012_aarau.jpg (166062 Byte) Switzerland, Aarau switzerland_011_olten.jpg (147348 Byte) Switzerland, Olten, Schweiz switzerland_013_aareschlucht.jpg (240321 Byte) Switzerland, Aareschlucht, Schweiz switzerland_017_winterthur.jpg (173521 Byte) Switzerland,  Winterthur, Stadthaus
switzerland_032_schwyz.jpg (160354 Byte) Switzerland, Schwyz, Rathaus schwyz.jpg (153667 Byte) Switzerland, Schwyz , Schweiz, Mythen switzerland_015_tell.jpg (193501 Byte) Switzerland, Tell Denkmal, Swizzera zug-zugersee-alps.jpg (112493 Byte) lake of zug, switzerland
switzerland_023_zug.jpg (158657 Byte) Switzerland, Zug, Lake, See, Schweiz switzerland_018_zug.jpg (190738 Byte) Switzerland, Zug, Zytturm, Schweiz switzerland_019_zug.jpg (287382 Byte)  Switzerland, Zug, Casino city_zug_picture.jpg (140278 Byte)
zug-bynight.jpg (136971 Byte) Zug, Switzerland switzerland_025_burg_zug.jpg (201826 Byte) Switzerland, Burg Zug stierenmarkt_zug.jpg (139653 Byte) Switzerland, Stierenmarkt, Zug, Schweiz teufelsstein-u4q.jpg (172779 Byte) road to gotthard
rigi-4yi1.jpg (98062 Byte) swiss alps switzerland_030_menzingen.jpg (160216 Byte) Switzerland, Menzingen rheintal.jpg (167086 Byte) Bad Ragaz, Rheintal sculpture_ski_picture_43.jpg (183644 Byte) Grindelwald
switzerland_014_walensee.jpg (180308 Byte) Switzerland, Walensee, Suisse amden_switzerland.jpg (229219 Byte) Switzerland, Amden switzerland_026_amden.jpg (167381 Byte) Switzerland, Amden, Walensee, Suisse switzerland_cheserrugg.jpg (207305 Byte) Switzerland chaeserrugg churfirsten cable car seilbahn
switzerland_044_maschgenkamm.jpg (187654 Byte) Switzerland, Maschkenkamm, Flumserberge switzerland_005_steing.jpg (238935 Byte) Switzerland, Steingletscher, Sustenpass switzerland_mountains_snow.jpg (167395 Byte) Switzerland, Mountains, Snow, Schweiz switzerland_eigernordwand.jpg (112748 Byte) Switzerland, Eigernordwand, Schweiz
rhone_river_glacier.jpg (182388 Byte) river Rhone, glacier rhone-gletscher_photo.jpg (230666 Byte) Rhone gletscher, glacier rhone_glacier-pic.jpg (188925 Byte) Rhone gletscher, glacier inside_rhone-glacier.jpg (62335 Byte) Rhone gletscher, glacier
switzerland_brig.jpg (110159 Byte) Switzerland, Brig switzerland_ernen.jpg (122342 Byte) Switzerland,  Ernen, Wallis switzerland_sion.jpg (267896 Byte) Switzerland,  Sion, Schweiz switzerland_chillon.jpg (118724 Byte) Schloss Chillon, Genfersee Lake Castle
switzerland-schwingen.jpg (142532 Byte) national sport: schwingen switzerland_locarno.jpg (179831 Byte) Switzerland, Locarno, Lake , See, Lago di Maggiore switzerland_bellinzona.jpg (169248 Byte) Switzerland, Bellinzona, Burg, Tessin switzerland_melide.jpg (211717 Byte) Switzerland, Melide, Tessin, Luganersee, Lake Lugano
switzerland_brienz.jpg (144975 Byte) Switzerland, Brienzersee, Brienz, Schweiz disentis-river.jpg (224471 Byte) Disentis Switzerland switzerland_vogorno.jpg (240235 Byte), Tessin, Ticino, Vogorno, Val Verzasca, Verzasca Tal switzerland_lugano.jpg (118658 Byte) Switzerland, Lugano, Tessin, Ticino, Lake Lugano, Luganersee
engadin-lake-j4v.jpg (158465 Byte) engadin engadin-switzerland-n54.jpg (91659 Byte) engadin waterfall-engadin-l8j.jpg (194914 Byte) engandin stones-lake-engadin.jpg (83617 Byte) engadin
lake-engadin.jpg (77173 Byte) engadin engadin-village-ncf4.jpg (106755 Byte) engadin swiss-alps-snow-9u.jpg (193790 Byte) alpen bild schweiz grimsel-furka-i4t2.jpg (154398 Byte) road alps
near-realp-switzerland.jpg (99069 Byte) Realp oberwald-switzerland.jpg (181110 Byte) Oberwald schoellenen-switzerland.jpg (186990 Byte) Schoellenen suvorov-sculpture.jpg (183339 Byte) Suvorov, Suworow denkmal, sculptur
andermatt-7wy.jpg (141402 Byte) montreux-h5i.jpg (183110 Byte) ship-5x1z.jpg (129287 Byte) Montreux oberalppass-z4b.jpg (120054 Byte) snow alps
arosa-73rw.jpg (142708 Byte) erstfeld-u71q.jpg (179130 Byte) glacier-swiss-2y.jpg (165981 Byte) st-moritz-z3.jpg (179974 Byte) switzerland
eiger-moench-jungfrau.jpg (161102 Byte) swiss alps schilthorn-42.jpg (136289 Byte) piz Gloria alps-wengen-63.jpg (107708 Byte) wengen-ht4.jpg (171010 Byte) berner oberland


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